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Zoey the Lapdog is hard at work blogging on her borrowed laptop.

Zoey the Lapdog is hard at work blogging on her borrowed laptop.

I’ve got my paw on the secrets of blogging.

My name is Zoey, and as the CEO of Cuteness, I write as “Zoey’s Paw.” I am a cute, darling and pretty miniature long-haired dachshund with a big personality in life and on the page.

I started blogging in June 2008 as a co-blogger with my BFF Shelley, who writes as “Shell’s Ink.” She writes about the process of writing and the writer’s life, while I write about the dog’s life, anything from why I like and deserve treats to why dogs need attention, playtime, exercise and walks.

My blogs are based on research from books about dogs and some online stuff, too, plus personal experience. This, I believe, makes them interesting and insightful, while also providing material on dog behavior, personality and survival needs, plus plushy but just as necessary wants.

Blogging isn’t just for humans, but is beneficial for dogs (and maybe even cats) to do for several reasons, including:

• I learn new stuff, like what my different barks communicate to humans.
• I’m a better researcher, which adds to my skills of digging and smelling while running around outside or taking leash walks. I can better understand and put into words what I’m experiencing instead of just experiencing it; i.e. I’m smarter.
• I connect with other humans who love dogs and the few canines out there who do blog (we’re an elite bunch).
• I’m a better writer, because practice makes perfect.

And last but not least, I get to see my photos all over the web, plus expand my fan club so they can admire me and see just how cute I am. After all, I am the CEO of Cuteness.

See my BFF Shelley’s blog at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com


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