Zoey’s Admirers

In All About Me, Being Cute, Cute Dogs, Shelley Widhalm on September 15, 2013 at 11:30 am

I'm posing for the camera dressed up for the day, bow and all.

I’m posing for the camera dressed up for the day, bow and all.

I may only weigh 10 pounds, but I got an image and reputation that is nearly infinite.

Call me Zoey. Ask for my paw print. And take my photograph.

I walk the green grass (my version of the Red Carpet).

A very cute miniature long-haired dachshund, I am known by name by strangers and dog lovers alike. If only there were “Dogs, Weekly,” or “Dogs” (instead of “Us, Weekly,” and “People”), then my mug shot would be worldwide, instead of just here on Fourth Street.

My BFF Shelley reported to me that while I waited outside her favorite coffee shop a couple of weeks ago, she meet a friend of a friend, and that friend said, “So, that’s the Zoey?”

“You’ve heard about her?” Shelley asked.

The friend of a friend said that he had and went outside to meet me.

The thing is I have an image.

People want to pet me, even to the point of lining up at my table. They know my name before they know Shelley’s. And they ask Shelley to take my photograph.

My image, in part, results from my own hard work. I’m full-time friendly and wag my tail, inviting passersby to stop to pet me. I search up and down the street, eyeing potential petters of me.

It helps that I have a very darling face (as reported by others, because I don’t look in a mirror very often, because I just know and don’t need reminders).

In fact, I have star quality and am the lead in a few videos and the subject of multiple photos.


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