A Dog’s Reflective Nature

In All About Me, Being Cute, Shelley Widhalm on September 22, 2013 at 11:30 am

I am cute as you can see on this sunny day.

I am cute as you can see on this sunny day.

The essential ingredients of being a cute dog are vast, of which I possess nearly most of them.

Take a basic dog – whether of a particular breed or a mix, or mutt – as your starting point.

Fold in markings on the fur, unless you prefer the solid colors of silky whites, luscious browns or shiny blacks.

The markings could be dappled, spots or random; they could highlight or hide the eyes, as if behind a fur mask; or they could give outline to the ears, put a stripe down the back or toss in a random sock.

Add a dash of personality to the tail, which could be short and stubby, long and thin, or a fan with floating wheat as excitement elicits rapid thumps.

Small ripples start tail end to measure a wary pause, first making sure the other – a person or a dog or cat – might be interested. The whip quickens with eagerness at your home arrival, a new smell or a startling sound, sudden and arresting.

Spend extra time with the eyes, stirring in the love they give back to you. Notice the small flickers of emotion, riddled with secret messages that take your heartbeat to interpret.

Take in the face – even when in repose with one ear twitching against air currents carrying tiny vibrations of possibility – this is where you know you are smitten. You see your dog as cute, darling, beautiful, a wonder that you are starting to understand one another.

You begin to see the world slightly different because of the fur, tail and eyes that do not need words to resonate with layered meanings.


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