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Zoey: Blogging Honor

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I’m really proud of my BFF Shelley. She got her blog published Oct. 24 as a guest blog on mystery writer Patricia Stoltey’s blog, patriciastoltey.blogspot.com.

I give her two barks and a high paw five. Next week, it’s back to me and being a very darn cute dachshund.

Here’s her blog, called “On Finding my Words.” Please check it out:


Cute Dachshunds (especially Zoey)

In All About Me, Being Cute, Cute Dogs, Shelley Widhalm on October 20, 2013 at 11:30 am

As a cute, or extraordinarily cute, dachshund, I like to make sure I get my beauty/ cute sleep. Here are photos of me showing my sleepy side:

I am pouting as I try to sleep a little, too.

I am pouting as I try to sleep a little, too.

I like to sleep curled up when I'm cold and on my back when I'm hot.

I like to sleep curled up when I’m cold and on my back when I’m hot.

You've got to admit that I am pretty darn cute!

You’ve got to admit that I am pretty darn cute!

A Dog’s Need for Change

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Zoey the Dachshund chews on a rawhide treat.

Zoey the Dachshund chews on a rawhide treat.

If I were to edit my life, I would wag my magic tail and make a few changes.

These are the changes I would make:

• My BFF Shelley would not leave eight hours a day, five days a week to go to silly work.
• My BFF would play with me all hours of the day.
• She would get a backyard, instead of just a patio, so that I could run whenever I wanted. Now, we have to go to the dog park and on walks to get me my exercise.
• I would get attention all day long from people lining up to pet me. (Granted, I do get a lot of attention on walks and trips to the pet store and the coffee shop).
• I would be served chicken, green beans and steak instead of organic dog food.
• I would get treats whenever I want them.
• I would have soft, cushiony places to sleep and rest (oh wait, I already have that!)
• And, lastly, I would be told that I’m cute 100 times a day (instead of just 20 or so).

Dog Blogging (in a timely manner)

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Zoey is posing with her BFF Shelley.

Zoey is posing with her BFF Shelley.

Unlike my BFF Shelley, I do not procrastinate.

I post my blog every Sunday about interesting things having to do with dogs, caring for dogs, understanding and communicating with dogs, and paying attention to a particular dog.

I am that particular dog.

My name is Zoey, and I am the cutest dachshund in the world. I have been told that I am cute, beautiful and pretty.

I get stopped all the time for petting sessions, photographs and conversations about my high level of cuteness.

And I meet all kinds of people, though I don’t do so well with other dogs (especially if they are big).

Given all this, I should be telling my story. I call my story, or blog, “Zoey’s Paw,” because I have my paw on all things worldly, as well as use my paws to write.

During my first year of blogging in 2009, I told the story of how my BFF and I met in a pet store. I was a wee nine weeks old and weighed 2.8 pounds (I now weigh 10).

My BFF asked to hold me, and I leaned my head against her chest, causing her to be a goner. Can you blame her? I was so adorable back then (and now) with two-inch whiskers, large melty-brown eyes and a black stripe down my back (that has since disappeared).

Shelley left me at the store and returned with her mom the next day, and I did the same lean-my-head-on-the-mom’s-chest thing. I got to ride home in a big car, see the big world and enter my new home.

“She acts like this is her home,” the mom said as I pranced around on the carpet, sniffing out my future place of residence.

Shelley took me to puppy kindergarten and intermediate training; she read books about dogs and my particular breed; and she worked hard at my training.

What did I do in return?

I loved and love Shelley unconditionally (well, except during bath time), and I draw attention to her by drawing attention to me. Lots of people know my name before they know hers – even so, I get her to talk more and be more social.

I’ve been good for her, as she has been for me.

It’s called puppy love but not just that; it’s forming a partnership and a friendship, plus a boundless, energetic BFF.