Dog Blogger to be cont.

In All About Me, Being Cute, Dog Writing, Shelley Widhalm on December 29, 2013 at 11:30 am

I have a bone to pick with cats.

I have a bone to pick with cats.

I blogged my way through 2013, letting the world know about my interesting life as a miniature dachshund.

My name is Zoey.

But you can call me Zoey the Cutest Dachshund Ever, or Zoey, the CEO of Cuteness.

I earned this title in 2013 and will continue demonstrating why I’m cute, lovable and in need of constant attention in 2014.

In 2013, I blogged once a week for 49, not 52 weeks. I got too busy those few times to sit down in front of a computer and write about life, when I was out living life.

I wrote about the qualities of cute dogs, gave advice on how to take care of and love pet dogs, and told stories from my own life.

I wrote a couple of poems (called canine poetry) and retold a few fairy tales so that they starred me.

And, occasionally, I wrote about cats, but not too much because I’ve been noticing that they’re not that friendly. I tried to befriend the neighbor cat, Cheddar, an orange Main Coon, but he hissed and backed away every time I tried to say “hi.” Gee, as if “hi” is a mean, threatening word.

And then there’s Kiara, a princess of a cat who sits on her pedestal and glares at me whenever I’m over for a visit. Each time I invite her to play, she hisses and hunches her back or scratches at my nose. This behavior is not very nice, especially considering that her owner is always saying to her, “Nice kitty.” More accurate would be to say Rude Cat, because she isn’t nice and she isn’t young.

I don’t understand why cats have to be so cliquey, telling the world, “Well, if you’re a dog and not a cat, I’m not interested in your being seen and heard.”

Alternatively, I’m a very nice, equal opportunity dog who wants to be friends with dogs my size or smaller (not big dogs – too scary!), cats, birds, geese and anything else in the animal kingdom.

Anyway, in 2014, I’ll blog about the dog life, my life and life without cats. If they don’t like me, I don’t like them (imagine my snout turned skyward). Humph!


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