Don’t freeze out your dog (please)

In Shelley Widhalm, What's important on January 12, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey is cozy warm underneath her BFF Shelley's winter jacket.

Zoey is cozy warm underneath her BFF Shelley’s winter jacket.

Dogs are not livestock to be left out in the bitter Midwest cold, especially if we live in warmer climates that are part of the big January 2014 freeze.

When temperatures are subzero, I don’t think even livestock should have to brave the elements. They lack the blubber and fur coats meant for arctic conditions, because they’re acclimated to warmer weather.

I learned about dogs in Tennessee dying after being left unattended outdoors and saw a photo of a snow-covered dog biting through a cage, his paw raised in dying rage at the cruelty done to him.

It kind of ruined my day to see that other animals are suffering in the world.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a tool used in psychology, applies to animals, too, because we need food, clothing and shelter. Shelter! That means indoors and outdoors only when temperatures are Goldilocks-like, not too hot or too cold.

Don’t leave us in cars when you can see your breath or shiver, or when you sweat.

Don’t tie us up when you don’t have a fence.

Don’t put us in kennels outdoors, because you can’t predict if it will rain, snow or the wind will rattle our cages, causing injury.

Do know that you can kennel us indoors for up to four hours.

Don’t leave us for more than eight hours a day.

Love us. Care for us. We look to you for our Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which at the higher levels includes the social-emotional needs.

We need exercise. We need to go on walks. We need to play. And we need your love.

Got it?

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