Dog Playdates (or How I Just Want a Cat for a Friend)

In Finding friends, Play time, Shelley Widhalm on January 26, 2014 at 11:30 am

I am hanging out with Harry the Hedgehog. Who's cuter? That's what I thought!

I am hanging out with Harry the Hedgehog. Who’s cuter? That’s what I thought!

I don’t exactly date, because I’m a spayed (but very cute) female miniature long-haired dachshund.

But I do like playtime, play dates (as long as I’m the boss) and, on a limited basis, being around other dogs.

Sometimes, I will try at canine friendship, as long as the dogs are Beta or my size or smaller. They also need to realize that their toys and my toys are all mine. As for my food or water bowls, I can share, because that organic dog food stuff I get isn’t exactly something to yip about.

I have two dog friends, one I don’t see anymore for some reason and another one named Cricket, a terrier who, like me, loves the game of chase. I see Cricket when Shelley takes me to her business neighbor’s store to chat.

But I actually prefer cats.

This could be due to my size – 10 pounds, not very tall and extensively long – my cat-like, long, fluffy tail and my liking to have my way.

But I don’t have a cat to call a friend, even after I’ve put maximum effort into making a cat pal.

Take Kiara, Shelley’s brother’s girlfriend’s cat. She doesn’t like me, though I’m incredibly nice to her, wiggling my tail and all that. She looks down at me from her cat post, one paw hanging down, staring at me as if I’m invading her space. Once when she was on the ground, I barked several “hellos” and she just hunched her back, teeth exposed. Once she even scratched my nose.

To say the least, her behavior wasn’t very nice.

The same thing happens with Cheddar, Shelley’s neighbor’s cat. He stares at me, all hissy like, as I try to approach. I bark a greeting, and he glares at me. Once I even gave him a kiss, but all he did was ignore me. Come on, I was making the first move, something that should have flattered the old boy.

But no.

He rejected me, too.

I guess I’ll have to try to befriend the birds next.

(See my BFF Shelley’s blog at shelleywidhalm.wordress.com.)

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