The Joy of Being a Dog

In Chasing smells, Dog communication, Shelley Widhalm on February 2, 2014 at 11:30 am

I love the smell of spring grass (obviously this is from last year).

I love the smell of spring grass (obviously this is from last year).

Describing the joy of being a dog cannot fit in a blog and would require a volume of encyclopedias.

But I’ll try to summarize it for you.

Dogs see, smell and understand the world different from their human counterparts, experiencing joy from immersion in their surroundings by way of the ears and nose.

They approach the world first through its smells of different types and intensities, using sight as a secondary sense, which for humans is their primary sense. They see in a limited range of colors, those of blue, yellow and green.

They like to track and explore the smells they encounter to obtain information, separating the smells into distinct odors without blending them. When meeting other dogs, they engage in mutual sniffing to greet each other and gather information about sex, breed and mood.

They hear high-pitched sounds and can identify a sound’s direction and source better than humans can. They communicate with the source of the sounds through a variety of barks from whines to growls, each with a different meaning.

When sounds and smells are present, they use the information they gather to interpret and respond to their world.

They require more sleep than humans, partly because they are animals and also because they’re bored. They’re creatures of comfort that need attention and depend on humans for their activities, such as going on walks, playing and eating.

They naturally like to run and don’t need any motivation to do so. They like to run from scent to scent and expel their pent-up energy.

Dogs rely on their sense of smell, their hearing and their need for exercise to live their fullest in their world.


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