A Dog’s Space

In All About Me, Favorites, Shelley Widhalm on February 23, 2014 at 11:30 am

I love my comfy bed.

I love my comfy bed.

My favorite spaces involve getting attention.

That means I like being wherever there are people, such as PetSmart, out on walks and my BFF Shelley’s apartment, as long as she’s sitting next to me telling me about my extraordinary cuteness.

I need a daily dose of attention – about 20 hours worth – or I get bored. I start sighing and doing my dog-groan, revealing my frustrations. Before bedtime, I like to grab my big white teddy bear by the neck and start pawing, as if I’m a puppy getting milk from my mama.

I make lots of noises as I release the tensions of my day.

I need attention when I sleep (I won’t sleep alone, unless everyone has left to go to silly work), when I eat and when I chew my rawhides. I want to make sure I’m being noticed (and hence loved).

Another favorite space of mine is Shelley’s dad’s backyard, where I can run along the fence barking at humans, birds and animals. I check the shed for the feral cats, who for some reason don’t want to be friends. I want to be their friends. I want to befriend the birds, too, which I try to quietly run after until they fly up, and that’s when I say, “Goodbye, put please come back. I want to play.”

I also like big snow drifts to climb up, but not water puddles to splash though, so I daintily step around the unwanted water. I like warm concrete, but not when it’s cold, though I love the snow when I’m running around the back yard, the slippery smooth feel underneath my spinning feet. I love turning into a furry snowball as I come inside and shake off, getting a rubdown before I can be indoors. When I dry off, I go back out, doing this all day long because it’s fun.

That’s because my favorite space is inside or outside, or really, wherever I am.


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