A Dog’s Happiness

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I am happy wherever I am, especially with art.

I am happy wherever I am, especially with art.

My BFF Shelley has to shop to keep me happy. She gets me treats and toys and my boring, organic dog food.

I would rather she shop for some other necessary things that I currently am lacking as an apartment dog.

I would like a big backyard, cats in the house that are my friends but don’t need attention from Shelley, and continual playtime on carpet and not on slippery, wood floors. I spin out when I try to run, so after a few bumps I’ve learned to walk when we do the fetch or chase games.

Shelley’s dad pointed this fact out to her when she asked why I’ll run around his plushy, carpeted house, where he has a big backyard with cats, and not at her little apartment.

It’s very much a big duh!

My BFF needs to realize that I need attention, which I don’t get enough of, because as a dachshund, I need it to be constant.

This is how I get attention.

When I go on walks, I sniff up to people’s feet, hoping they’ll notice me, thinking, “Oh my, there’s an incredibly cute dog, and I must pet her.” They usually ask to do so, and I feel the glory of being seen.

When we go to the pet store, I look at customers and store associates with my big brown eyes, hoping they’ll turn to find out who is staring. When they do, they see a cute, darling dog, and here comes the attention.

And when we get coffee or eat out at a patio-restaurant, I greet everybody. See Zoey. Pet Zoey. Thank you!

(See Shelley’s blog at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.)

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