Dog Conferences for Dogs Only

In Being Cute, Cute Dogs, Shelley Widhalm on March 23, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey plays with her golden retriever friend, Sophie. She'd like to meet more dogs at a dog conference.

Zoey plays with her golden retriever friend, Sophie. She’d like to meet more dogs at a dog conference.

I believe there should be annual dog conferences, either for all dogs or specific breeds.

That way we could congregate at one time in one place to discuss how to improve our lives, particularly in the areas of dog food, treats, playtime, walks and being left alone (such as when our BFFs goes to work all day).

My idea of a dog conference would be the annual Dachshunds Conference for a Very Cute Breed.

Shelley, my BFF, is going to the Northern Colorado Writer’s Conference March 28-29. That means she won’t be hanging out with me. Instead, I’ll be heading to doggie day camp, which isn’t my favorite, particularly because it’s foisted on me without my prior permission.

If I were to go to my own conference, there would be workshops and panels on improving the dog treats you receive, communicating effectively to get your way, and promoting extreme spoiling.

Here’s my advice to other dogs who want to attend conferences:

• Plan ahead on which sessions you want to attend; and don’t forget a notebook to take notes.
• Network with other dogs to meet new friends and to learn how they appeal to their owners to get what they want, while also obtaining the best, yummiest treats.
• Bring your business cards. I have one that says Zoey’s Paw and promotes my blog.
• When you meet new dog friends, follow up with emails (or barks), but no more than two if there is no response. If you meet a cat, be sure to be nice, because cats are okay.
• Take photos and post them. Tweet, blog, Facebook and engage in other types of social media.

(See Shelley’s blog on writing conferences at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.)


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