Outlining Techniques for Dogs

In All About Me, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on April 13, 2014 at 11:30 am

My dog stories are pretty as a picture.

My dog stories are pretty as a picture.

My BFF Shelley is going on and on in her blog this week about the outlining process for writing novels.

The only outline I think she needs to write is the one about my exciting life as the cutest dachshund this side of the Mississippi River. I think I’ll help her out in getting started.

Title: The Very Exciting Tale of Zoey the Very Cute Dachshund

I. Basic premise: Very cute Zoey wants to make more animal friends (excluding all big dogs), but life’s forces get in her way from getting what she wants, causing her to realize she likes people best.

II. The hook: Zoey is out on a walk during one of Colorado’s rare sunny winter days, when Cricket the Pawn Shop Terrier jumps on the door, welcoming Zoey inside. They do the sniffing routine, but Zoey is more interested in the people who drop to their knees and pet her, telling her how cute she is. All Cricket does is jump up and down and show her jealousy.

III. Introducing the main character(s): I, Zoey, am the main character, and other than learning about my status as the cutest dog this side of the Mississippi, I don’t need an introduction. My looks say it all.

IV. The inciting incident: Zoey’s BFF Shelley tells Zoey they need to go on their walk, so she gets exercise. Zoey doesn’t want to go after getting all of the male attention from the pawn shop owners.

V. Big Plot Moments: Zoey digs in her paws, but Shelley picks her up and sets her back down a block away. There are no people. Zoey pouts. She encounters a cat, but the cat runs, and then three big dogs that all look at her when she barks loudly, apparently thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

VI. Consider the point of view: Zoey’s, of course.

VII. Resolution: Zoey gets to go on more walks, more trips to stores, more places and wherever she desires, all for the purpose of meeting more people. That’s what she wanted all along. She pretended she wanted to meet other animals, but as a people dog, she’s all about the people.

The end.

(See Shelley’s blog about outlining at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com)


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