A Dog’s Nose for Freewriting

In Dog Writing, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on April 20, 2014 at 11:30 am

I have a journal for freewriting.

I have a journal for freewriting.

When dogs do freewriting, this is what happens.

We write like we sniff, wandering in our steps as we chase the smell. We don’t get distracted from our mission of getting to the source, and we keep on going … well, until we’re called back inside, or our leash gets pulled because our owners think we need to get a move on.

My BFF Shelley, a writer, said that “freewriting is a useful writer’s tool to get out of writer’s block, to tap into memory or to get started on a writing project, like those runners who first walk a lap or two as a warm-up exercise.” She said, “The only rule of freewriting is to not stop writing.”

So, here goes:

In the long, wavy grass of Shelley’s dad’s backyard, I am crouching (this was last summer, not now when there’s all that snow stuff). I’m waiting for the baby bird to come down and play, the one up in his parents’ nest-home. I bark and turn circles, yelling, “Come play Come play!” By the way, I like birds of all types, geese (both tend to fly off when I say hi), cats (they turn up their snouts when I bark a greeting), and dogs my size (until I get bored). I like this bird, and I want to be friends. The bird’s parents are circling up in the sky, making this awful squawking sound, and Shelley’s Dad is snapping, “Zoey, come inside. Now!” I’m not listening because I want to make friends with the baby bird. The noises from the birds above stop when I feel a man’s hand under my belly lift me up, take me inside and ruin my fun and chance at another friend.

Not fair.


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