A Dog Blogger’s Platform

In Dog Writing, Shelley Widhalm on April 27, 2014 at 11:30 am

I am on a window ledge as I blog about platforms.

I am on a window ledge as I blog about platforms.

My platform is simple.

I am a cute dachshund, and people love me, so those who aren’t familiar with my cute dog looks should realize they’re missing out. What they’re missing is called puppy love, loving your dog and the dog-BFF friendship.

That’s why I blog. I want to let people know how to care for and treat your dog (i.e. giving your dogs lots of treats, playtime and love), tidbits about dog behavior and an insight into how dogs think.

As I provide this invaluable information, I also want to tell a few stories about my life and my relationships with my BFF Shelley, other dogs (I don’t like big dogs), cats and all animals and birds. I like things that move (except for those big, scary dogs).

This is what I learned from blogging:

• Blogs should be updated often, so I blog weekly, just like my BFF at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.
• They need to have passion, and that’s what I have. I’m passionate about getting attention and being recognized for my 10-plus level of cuteness.
• They need to be creative and distinct from other blogs. How many dogs do you know that blog? And how many of those dogs have been blogging for three years?
• And they should build an audience of readers. I guess I need to work on that one, although everyone should automatically want to know about me.


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