The Canine Senses

In All About Me, Being Cute, Shelley Widhalm on May 25, 2014 at 11:30 am

I go about life with my nose forward.

I go about life with my nose forward.

I’m all about smell and taste, not about thinking and generating ideas, like my BFF Shelley blogged about this week (see wordpress.shelleywidhalm.com).

First, I’ll tell you about smells. Wherever I go, I like to collect them. I ponder them. I smell my way with my nose toward the ground, trying to figure out the news of my environment.

As a member of the canine species, I experience my world first through smells of different types and intensities, instead of relying on visual information like most humans. I track and explore these smells to obtain my information. And I separate them into distinct odors, not ever blending them.

If someone is cooking, I can smell the individual ingredients, such as the hamburger, canned vegetables, mashed potatoes and cheese of shepherd’s pie.

My other favorite sense is taste, though when I encounter food I eat it so quickly, thinking that if it goes away, I’ll get more.

I don’t do so well with sight, because, unlike humans who can distinguish the full color spectrum, I only see blues, yellows and grays; plus, I use vision as a secondary sense to confirm what I already know.

With sound, I am better than my human counterparts. I can hear higher-pitched sounds and am quicker at identifying a sound’s direction. I need this information to protect myself from predators, but in my comfy life, my only enemy is the cats who don’t want to be my friends. I love cats. I think dogs are okay.

But cats are the best. Or, they’re the cat’s meow, meaning that when I’m out exploring, using all my senses, I’m looking for a friend.


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