Canine Play

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Zoey the dachshund is cute eating ice cream. She believes that she's cute no matter what she does.

Zoey the dachshund is cute eating ice cream. She believes that she’s cute no matter what she does.

My BFF Shelley is on vacation, which means more play time for me.

Dogs need play time for several reasons, including muscle development, mental stimulation and the loved-and-included feeling.

Play adds to a dog’s physical activity, in addition to regular walks, running in the backyard or dog park, and running around the house (as long as there’s carpet and not slippery tile or hardwood floors, where you slide and rapidly spin your paws).

Here are a few ways to play with your dog:

• Catch with a Frisbee or ball; fetch with a ball or toy.
• Chase around furniture in the house or in a grassy area outside.
• Tug-of-war (gentle, of course) with ropes or stuffed animals.
• Slide-in-a-bed by sitting on your doggie bed with your wiener dog toy in your mouth that can be used as a pull, allowing you to go sliding across the floor.
• Keep-away where your BFF runs her arms underneath the bedspread, so you can try to grab her hands with your jaws. (In my case, I bite gently, so Shelley willingly lets me play this game, though dog trainers would probably say a big no, because I am using my jaws in play.)
• Chew the vet-recommended rawhide, the chew toy, the Nylabone or anything else dogs can chew, destroy and make noise while doing it. I like Tupperware containers, especially when my BFF has to throw them away. It’s like I win!

Lastly, play is a way to develop a bond with your BFF, because you are spending time together, communicating in your individual ways while understanding one another and engaging in an enjoyable activity you both love.


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