A dog’s ROI

In Being Cute, Cute Dogs, Loving Your Dog on August 17, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey is extra cute getting love from grandpa.

Zoey is extra cute getting love from grandpa.

My ROI on being cute is 100 percent 10 fold. Because I am cute, I deserve lots of love (even if I weren’t cute, I like all dogs, and cats, deserve that unconditional regard from my pet parent and BFF) and attention.

To love dogs like me, here are a few tips:

• Mark all dog-related holidays on your calendar, and celebrate them with kisses and treats.
• Take us on walks every day.
• Give us treats, lots of them and of many varieties.
• Buy us cute outfits, so that we get attention.
• Give us opportunities to socialize, because we don’t want to sit around and do nothing.
• Pet us, a lot, because touch is important.
• Make a big poster that says I Love My Dog and hang it in a prominent place, both in our home and your office.
• Take us to the office and tell your co-workers that we’re dog-terns.
• Love us even when we’re naughty. Being naughty is part of the fun of being alive, right?

And last, but not least, tell us you love us every single day.


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