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Dog Blogger gives advice on loving your dog

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I am flashy cute, i.e. a superstar. I am extra, extra cute as the cutest dachshund on the planet. My name is Zoey, and I just turned six.

Here are a few ways to make dogs like us feel like superstars:

Number one is to give us treats. I get treats for going potty, standing on my hind legs showing off “pretty,” and doing tricks, like sit, lie down, spin and up.


  • Play with us at least once a day to give us exercise, stimulate our minds and provide a release of our pent-up energy.
  • Take us on a walk or two every day, so that we get exercise (to keep us agile and flexible) and we can explore smells.
  • Give us a place to run, which is one of our favorite things to do, especially when we get to run from scent to scent to track down food or something entertaining. Let us run for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.
  • Encourage us to do mental exercises, such as food puzzle toys, agility courses, obedience and trick training, and chew toys.
  • Give us stimulating smells of different types and intensities, because this is our primary sense with sight as secondary. We find entertainment in tracking and exploring smells we encounter to obtain information, separating the smells into distinct odors without blending them. We use this information to interpret and respond to our environment.
  • Provide us with a comfortable spot to sleep that’s all our own. We require more sleep than humans, partly because we’re animals and also because we’re bored.

And, of course, love us and let us love you back, because we are yours after all.

Dog Blogger shows off photos

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I thought a few photos of my cute self would brighten your it-gets-really-dark-really-fast January.


I am cute waiting for attention as I sit on a coffee shop table.


Okay, I’m a little sad here, because no one, I mean no one, is stopping to pet me. Please stop! Now!


I am cute even when I’m tuckered out and ready for a nap. This is back at home after I got pets (just a few). But still, I could use more attention.

Dog Blogger promotes BFF

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I’m really proud of my BFF Shelley, who is going to be published in an anthology. I don’t understand, though, why I’m not at front and center in the collection of flash fiction stories. It’s called Baby Shoes or something like that, but I think it should be called Doggie Paws.

Anyway, here’s what Shelley wrote about her imminent publication (but before you read about it, remember that I’m really, really cute and, just so you can see how cute, please check out my photo):

This week, I’m going to share a bit of good news.

My flash fiction piece, “A Wanted Man,” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming “Baby Shoes Flash Fiction Anthology.”

The anthology will contain 100 stories of up to 1,000 words by 100 different writers, including distinguished writers Danika Dinsmore, Joe Lansdale, Linda Needham and Walter J. Williams. The stories include fantasy, sci-fi, horror, literary, erotica and humorous and range from supermarket encounters to tales of coming back from war.

The anthology launched earlier this month as a Kickstarter project. It will be funded once there are enough readers for 200 to 250 copies for the e-book edition, while for the print edition, 500 to 600 orders will need to be made.

All of the writers are teasing their Facebook and social media friends about the project, explaining what’s involved and giving an excerpt from their story.

Here is the excerpt from the beginning of my 500-word story, which is about a woman trying to find love through personal ads. Here’s how it starts:

I crafted my personal ad as if some fairy godmother could wave her magic wand and usher in a tall, handsome man with blue eyes. This, I wrote trying not to think about Derek. He managed the front of the Sushi restaurant and I, the back. Sans ring, he rode the rollercoaster of those going through a divorce. His smile blew heat to my toes, causing my eggrolls to crisp.

To learn more about the anthology, check out the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-Shoes-Flash-Fiction-Anthology/914714125235669.

I'm kinda hanging out, and I'm cute doing so.

I’m kinda hanging out, and I’m cute doing so.

Dog Blogger sets goals for 2015

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I am chewing on a treat. I love treats!

I am chewing on a treat. I love treats!

As a dog (a very cute one, in fact), I’m not exactly one to come up with impossible New Year’s resolutions to carry out over the next year. Rather, I live in the moment.

I have two major goals each year and each day: getting yummy food and getting attention.

The attention bit comes from the fact that I am a really cute long-haired miniature dachshund. Wherever I go, people want to pet me, often remarking how cute I am, and I just eat it up. In fact, I’m probably the cutest, prettiest and most fascinating dog in the world.

My name is Zoey, and I’m six years old. I weigh 10 pounds, though there isn’t anything small about me and my big personality. I love to play hard, run down the hall or in big yards and chew Nylabones, rawhides and my toys.

This year, I have come up with sub-goal to my major goals that I want to blog about. For instance, when my BFF Shelley reads books about dog behavior to try to understand complicated me, I will write about what she learned and simplify it for her so she gets it. I will talk about my really interesting life. And I will tell a few canine tales.

So here’s to a Happy 2015 Blogging Year.

And as an extra treat, here is another photo of cute me.

I am cute as I wait for attention as my BFF Shelley types on her laptop at a coffee shop.

I am cute as I wait for attention as my BFF Shelley types on her laptop at a coffee shop.