Dogs and Love

In Canine Love, Loving Your Dog, Valentine's Day on February 8, 2015 at 11:30 am


Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means that I need to be shown some love.

Not that it would be hard to love me, because I am very, extremely cute. In fact, I’m the cutest dachshund to set paw on this earth.

I don’t believe in one-way love, or that unrequited kind, because I love back. I love lots of people and greet everyone with a tail wag, jumps in the air (I can’t control my excitement as I bounce up and down, reaching my front paws in the air) and, if they let me, kisses. I love other animals (except big dogs). And I even love cats.

To show us love on Valentine’s Day, the big day of romance, card giving and candy, give us our own valentine.

Here are some suggestions I have:

  • Give us an extra special treat (I like rawhides, heated-up milk bones and pepperoni sticks).
  • Give us extra long playtime, because play is good for mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Take us on an extra walk, because we love to explore smells, or let us run extra long, because again the smells are fascinating and running is something we love to do.
  • Take us somewhere that allows pets, such as a coffee shop or retail store, so that we can spend extra time with you and meet new people.
  • Spend extra time with us, just because you love us and we love you back.
  • And a present would be nice, too. I like stuffed animals, balls to chew up (not to chase) and Nylabones (I really, really like to chew, even though I’m six and not a puppy anymore).

Lastly, say that you love us and that we’re cute in the lovey-dovey voice, because we do understand.


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