Dog Blogger Loves Treats!

In Dog Treats, Treating Your Dog Well on February 15, 2015 at 11:30 am

I love treats, such as this rawhide stick.

I love treats, such as this rawhide stick.

I am motivated by what should motivate all cute dogs—praise, getting pets and, of course, the T word.

You got it. Treats!

My BFF Shelley blogged this week about character motivation and the difference between what characters want and what they need.

I want treats. I need treats. It’s the same thing.

I want to talk about another of my want/needs. When we go on walks, I want to sniff around and catch up on the gossip from the other dogs, get a little exercise and meet people who will stop and pet me, saying how cute I am.

I want/need to run around a backyard, but Shelley does not have a backyard. Walking on a leash isn’t the same thing. Just imagine if you were told where to walk and had to follow the same route every time your person got off work. Yeah, I thought so.

Plus, I hate how when I want to sniff a smell and really understand the source and identify how long it’s been there and why, Shelley pulls on my harness. I’ve got to move along, she says.

Do you see me telling her to move along when she stops to greet someone she knows? Instead, I wag my tail and stare at that person until he or she give me my much deserved pet and remarks about my cuteness.

So to wrap up, I want/need attention, playtime, love and more treats. I like rawhide the best.


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