The Benefits of Dog-ins

In Dog Blogger, Dog-ins on February 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am playing with my canine pal, Sophie. She's the golden retriever, and I am the very cute dachshund. Oh, okay, we're both cute.

I am playing with my canine pal, Sophie. She’s the golden retriever, and I am the very cute dachshund. Oh, okay, we’re both cute.

My BFF and co-blogger Shelley blogged about write-ins this week, so I thought I would invent something called a dog-in.

With write-ins, writers don’t bark, growl or howl but write with other people. I prefer barking alone, especially at loud trucks, trains, noises that go bang and other dogs, my tail wagging as I’m saying, “Here I am. Let’s play.”

Shelley said that write-ins give her a reason to show up for writing and to do the writing. I don’t need exterior motivation to bark and will just bark, stopping when Shelley says stop (well, for 30 seconds, and then I start up again).

In my creation of dog-ins, the gathering would be a way for dogs to get together and bark, growl and chat, because we already have outlets for our other interests, such as doggie day camps, doggie play dates and dog parks to walk and run off leash and meet up with other of our friends going leash-less.

With dog-ins, we’d be able to discuss dog-related topics, comparing notes on our training, the types of treats we get, how much time we get to run, how many walks we take and how we do playtime.

We could research best practices and identify what needs to be improved in our home lives.

We could learn new ways of approaching our daily lives.

And we could commiserate when things aren’t quite how we like them to be (such as when we don’t get our favorite treats or we’re left alone while our person goes off to work).

But it doesn’t work that way.

Humans have the control and take us to our play dates, day camps and dog parks, not letting us organize our own societies with our own approaches to socializing and being together.

It’s kind of not fair.

See how my BFF Shelley writes about write-ins in her blog at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.


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