What Your Dog’s Barking is Telling You

In Barking Dogs, Dog Barks, What the Barking Means on March 8, 2015 at 5:30 am

I'm telling you, "Come here and pet me! Now!"

I’m telling you, “Come here and pet me! Now!”

I get centered when I bark and when I get petted. I bark for attention, you know that whole philosophy question of thinking and being.

As a very cute miniature dachshund, I want to let the noises, or the maker of those noises, even trucks and trains, know that I am here. I may be on the fifth floor of an apartment, but I am convinced that my barking brings awareness to the noise causers of my existence. In other words, I bark, therefore I am.

As a master of barking, I thought I would provide a cheat sheet on how to figure out what the different barks mean.

The first is a general bark that means here I am. Notice me. Look at me. Acknowledge my existing.

Here are some other bark meanings:

  • If dogs yelp, they might be hurt or terrified.
  • If they growl, it’s likely they’re fearful, angry or demonstrating threat to another animal or human.
  • When repeated barking occurs, they’re telling you they’re excited.

I also bark for my own reasons:

  • Loud bark near a big dog: I think I’m the bigger dog.
  • Growl, or snarl: I’m protecting my BFF from intruders and other big dogs.
  • Happy play bark, with rump in the air: Play with me, now!
  • A quick, repetitive yelp: Get my teddy bear or toy (even though I could get it myself).
  • Tongue-out pants: I’m totally excited, or tired after exciting play-time.
  • Howl: A loud, squealing noise hurts my ears, so I’m covering up the noises with my own.
  • Silent, plus not to be found: I’m usually underneath the bed and before I go, I wait for you to see me, so that you will know I’m mad at you, usually for ignoring me and not making me the center of your attention.
  • Silent, cuddled next to you: This happens when I want dog-person time.

So, therefore, for all concerned, I bark and when I bark, life has meaning.

(See my writing partner Shelley’s blog about finding meaning in writing at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.)


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