Where the Dogs Like to Hang

In Dog Spots, Where Dogs Hang Out on March 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

I like to hang out on the bed next to my teddy bears.

I like to hang out on the bed next to my teddy bears.

I have several spots where I like to hang out to find comfort or to get away when I’m not getting my way.

My favorite place is on people’s laps, because I love attention and that physical contact that lets me know I’m a loved (and very cute) long-haired miniature dachshund.

My name’s Zoey, but you can call me Princess. Or Honey. Or Darling. Or Sweetie.

Second to laps, I like to be on the bed, resting, napping and sleeping.

I like to be outside getting exercise, running and, if I must, walking, even if I’m attached to a leash. On these walks, I have my favorite potty spots, and if it’s cold, I turn right around and head back to the door. I don’t need to be outside, getting my paws all wet and cold.

In the back yard where I get to run, I like to bark at the birds, letting them become aware of my presence, and I like to sit in the sunshine, blinking into the light.

I like the patio where I also can run and make patterns in the snow, or if it’s warm, it’s a place to sniff around and identify the grill smells. I like to explore and stop and run, and then scratch at the door, saying, “I’m done. Let me in now!”

If I’m not having the best of times, or if I’m not getting my way or need some alone time, I like to go under the bed. I’ll put my snout on my paws, usually pulling a pouty expression. I’m trying to let people know I’m upset and something needs to change. That change should be coordinated with the issuing of treats as an apology and an “I love you,” so here you go.

I also like to be in the private apartment gym on a blanket on the mat where I get my treat.

I am motivated by treats.

And love.

And my favorite spots.


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