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In Cute Dogs, Dog Contests on April 5, 2015 at 11:30 am

Don't I look extra cute in my hat? Yes, I do!

Don’t I look extra cute in my hat? Yes, I do!

If I were to enter a contest (I entered one and lost but I think that was a mistake), I would be declared the cutest dachshund, or really the cutest dog, to have ever lived.

My name is Zoey. I am six. And I am a long-haired miniature dachshund who loves everybody and is loved by everybody.

What makes me lovable?

Well, for one I’m cute.

Two, I ask for attention by wiggling my tail, looking up at the person until they see me and acknowledge my existence and cuteness factor, and once attention ensues, rolling on my side to show my belly (indicating that, yes, I want to be petted).

I have big brown eyes, long black-tipped ears and a fluffy tail, making me pretty, cute and adorable all in one puppy package.

I also am cute when I stand on my hind legs and cross my paws, indicating I want something. I can sit, lie down, spin or look pretty. But I won’t shake. These are some of my tricks. Nothing too fancy, but they show that I’m a good listener, a skill that’s important for being lovable and loved.

In conclusion, I need to be loved, liked and told I’m cute, because I am.


(See my writing partner Shelley’s blog about entering writing contests at shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com).


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