Loving your pet releases endorphins

In All About Me, Cute Dogs, Loving Your Dog on May 31, 2015 at 11:30 am

I'm getting love from my BFF Shelley's dad. Don't I look happy and cute?

I’m getting love from my BFF Shelley’s dad. Don’t I look happy and cute?

Just so you know, more than half of American households have a pet, and in 2014, pet owners spent $58 billion on us.

I would like my BFF Shelley to spend more than a few hundred on me. And I would like more attention from her and everyone else I encounter, because I’m an attention hound. In fact, I’m a very cute miniature dachshund that seeks attention, love and pets from anyone she encounters. I like the contact, my way of communicating through letting human hands touch my fur.

I’ve learned that pet owners report they’re happier and having a pet gives their life more meaning through the interactions they have with us. In fact, researchers found that people who frequently kiss their dogs have higher levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin.

Dogs make good friends and companions. We’re sensitive to human behavior, and like humans, we vocalize our emotions and react to the emotional nuances of human speech. I make a large yawning, whining noise when I feel left out and want attention. I squeal when I know I’m about to feel human hands on my back. And I yip if I want people to come to me now.

In other words, I use my voice and my wiggly body scooting closer in to let people know that I need that social interaction bred into me.


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