A Dog’s Best Environment

In A Dog's Need for Attention, Loving Your Dog on June 7, 2015 at 11:30 am

As you can see, I'm quite happy in my doggie bed with my best friend, Lenny the Leopard.

As you can see, I’m quite happy in my doggie bed with my best friend, Lenny the Leopard.

The best settings for dogs are those in which they receive attention.

Dogs need about 24 hours of attention a day—okay, that might not be the correct answer, because dogs need to sleep and nap, and their owners have to work.

The amount of attention dogs need varies according to their personality, age and needs.

Dogs can be left alone while their owners work, do errands and engage in other activities, but puppies can’t be left alone as long as adult dogs and shouldn’t be left in their kennels, if they’re being kennel trained, for more than four hours.

According to online research I conducted, the average dog gets an hour or two of playtime, walking and other types of exercise a day. That should be enough attention to keep us happy, as long as we get the physical and mental stimulation to keep our bodies and minds active.

Mental stimulation can come from toys, playtime with humans, other dogs and food puzzles like Kongs, and training activities, such as teaching us to sit, lie down and do other tricks and navigate through agility courses.

Some dogs experience separation anxiety, becoming agitated when their owners leave them alone or they don’t receive the attention they need. This is a matter for the dog’s veterinarian to handle or referring to books and online materials on the subject.

At the other end, avoid giving dogs attention whenever they demand it, a matter for spoiling them, and instead give it when you want to and are able. It’s okay to ignore our attention-seeking behaviors, because we eventually will entertain ourselves and resort to our own devices, such as taking a nap or playing with our toys.

I seek attention, by the way, by making cute squealing noises, jumping on my hind legs or bringing out the toys (which are put away in my toy box, which I don’t really like because I want them all over the house). In fact, my favorite activity is napping, and that’s what I like to do when I’m alone in the house.

My BFF often comes home to find me on or under the bed, sleeping or just waking up because I heard her come in. I love to tease my BFF by going under the bed, so that she has to lure me out with treats, and I snatch them to get more. She’s doing the treat bribe, so that I’ll come out from down under and go on a walk.

Yeah, she wants to give me attention, and I’m playing games with her. It’s because I want my walk and to eat the treats, too (the whole cake cliché thing).


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