A Dog’s Favorite Objects (in words)

In A dog's favorite objects, Dog toys on June 28, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am taking a nap among a few of my favorite toys.

I am taking a nap among a few of my favorite toys.

I have a few favorite objects, and treats are my favorite of all the objects in the world.

Because I get to eat and enjoy them and then remember that I had the enjoyment, so I seek more to relive the experience.

I have a few other favorite objects, including:

  • My white teddy bear that’s bigger than me that I use to do Foot, a relaxing, zen-like technique of biting the neck and moving my front paws back and forth in a repetitive movement, just like I used to do when I was feeding as a puppy. (By the way National Puppy Day was last month on March 24, when lots of memories of my puppyhood came to the surface, such as when I would bite at the snow and run barking wildly after birds, wanting to be their friends.)
  • Coffee shop chairs where I can be noticed by passersby or sit on laps.
  • Laps of all kinds, because I like to cuddle and be loved.
  • Floors and the ground and anywhere else I can bounce on my hind legs in an eager plea for petting, or where I flip onto my side to show my belly, begging for the pets.
  • The bed where I sleep, so I can hide underneath when I need alone time.
  • My box of teddy bears and toys that, somehow, always gets picked up, even when I take everything out for playtime.
  • My hedgehog teddy bear, because he happens to be my best friend.

Oh wait, Shelley, my pet parent, is my best friend. And then I have friend friends. And I have friends I want to make. And friends who could become so. It helps, though, that I’m cute and extra friendly, attracting the attention.

(See what Shelley says about writing about objects in her blog shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com.)


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