Photographing your pet

In Cute Dogs, Dog Photos, Photography, Taking Photos of Your Dog on April 17, 2016 at 11:30 am


I look like a supermodel dog here as I pose for the camera.

Taking photographs of your dog is something you should do, if not every day, at least every other day. Or once a week. You want to mark our growing up, our good moments (such as birthdays—mine is Dec. 20, by the way) and our interactions with other dogs, cats and people (and even the occasional bird, reptile or other creature).

To take good photos, capture us in a moment of play or when we have a smile on our faces. Cut out the extraneous background and make us the focal point. Make sure the background isn’t too busy with lots of colors, lines and objects. And make sure nothing is sticking out of our heads.

Focus on lighting and sharpness. Get rid of red eye. Capture our movement with lots of clicks. Hold the camera steady by taking a breath and holding it while you release the shutter or hit the button on your phone.

And, remember, give us treats if we’re camera shy, so that we’ll think of it as another trick we get to do for a reward. Or sneak up on us and click away, so that you get us when we are being real and ourselves (which for me is cute, cute and extra cute!).

(I recycled this blog, because I’m on dog-cation this week in honor of National Pet Day on April 11. But for me, it’s National Pet Week, and henceforth, National Pet Month. My BFF Shelley is focused on National Poetry Month, and I want to tell her, not poetry, but dog.)


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