Surviving the vet

In Cute Dachshunds, Cute Dogs, On Being Cute on July 3, 2016 at 11:30 am

ZoeyBathI had to go to the veterinarian on Monday to get my rabies shot with a health checkup, not exactly my favorite way to spend the morning.

That’s because I don’t like getting poked and prodded, and I don’t like standing on the long metal table, my legs shaking, though being that high up with the vet and her assistance looking at me makes me the center of attention.

I may not like the idea of going to the vet’s, but I like the people. They tell me I’m cute, and they pet me. They give me treats, but I don’t eat them, because I’m nervous.

My appointment was supposed to be routine, but when the vet checked my ears, she discovered I have an ear infection.

The vet told my BFF Shelley my ear infection may be from allergies, either environmental or from the food I’m eating. I’m eating an organic chicken-based dog food, mid-price range, but now Shelley has to get me expensive dog food that doesn’t have a beef or chicken base to see if my ears get better.

She’ll be weaning me off my old dog food—which I only eat when I can’t get meat, cheese or vegetables in human food form or bone marrow treats—to introduce me to the new food. The vet gave Shelley a list of five suggested brands of dog food, but she has a sample of one of them she’ll try first before she buys a whole bag.

The vet also said Shelley should stop giving me milk bones, which I love, love, love! I’m sad about that because I take those to bed and eat them there as my goodnight snack.

I’m not sure going to the vet was a good thing, because now I have to get drops in my ears and get my ears cleaned twice a day every single day for one week. That’s kind of upsetting!

And my milk bones … bye, bye, bye!


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