Pacing for dogs

In Cute Dachshunds, Cute Dogs, Zoey the Cute Dachshund on September 4, 2016 at 11:30 am

Sophie and Zoey

Zoey, right, and Sophie play at a fast pace.

As a miniature dachshund, I find pacing to be a silly concept.

There are two types of pacing: napping and playing.

In my napping pace, I curl into a loose ball atop the couch pillows or next to the edge of my doggie bed. I don’t go anywhere, so if you were watching me, you would see how cute I am with my eyes closed.

I bet you could watch me for a long, long time, because I sigh, I switch positions and I snap open my eyes when I hear noises, then return to dreamland.

Oh, is that too slow for you?

Well, join me for a run as I shoot out the door, stop to sniff at the feral cat area by the shed and bark as I hurry along the fence to return to the porch. I lift my snout and sniff. I better run another lap, and so I do.

That’s the fast pace.

So is playing when I engage in tug-of-war, a game of chase or go after my balls and toys that are thrown to the end of the hall.

A medium pace is for going on walks, when I mosey along, stopping at all fire hydrants, light poles, trees and flower beds to sniff and sniff. I become investigative as I slow down and then annoyed when I get pulled away from my dreamy wondering about which dogs had come by this or that spot.

“Come on, Zoey,” I hear as I’m lifted by my harness as if I’m flying through the air. I quicken my pace with paws circling until I land. I dig in, wanting to stay.

You see, I don’t want to keep pace with humans when I’ve got my own path to follow.

(I recycled this blog from 2012, because I’m kind of tired right now and need a doggie break from blogging.)


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