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A thankful puppy!

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I’m thankful for lots of things, even this bow in my ear!

My BFF Shelley wrote about how she’s thankful for me, which she should be because I’m so cute! She wrote about me (and some other things) to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

I, too, want to give thanks.

I’m thankful for food, toys, playtime, cats and getting love and pets. And I’m thankful for having a BFF and being a BFF.

Here’s what my BFF said about me in her blog at Shell’s Ink:

Giving thanks is a given for Thanksgiving, and the way my family and I said thank you added fun and creativity to the holiday.

This year, my brother and I visited our mother at her assisted living place for the noon meal.

Most of the residents sat at a long table in the center of the dining room, but a few of the families joined together at their own tables. Before the staff served the traditional fare of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberries, the new volunteer director of activities told the 50 or so people in the room to find their tags next to the silverware and write what they were thankful for.

My first one was easy—and sorry this is sideways, but I couldn’t get the photo to rotate—because it was about my dog, Zoey. I wrote “My dog, Zoey,” and my mom said, “I knew you’d write that one.”

Next, I put my apartment, because I love it and where I live, feeling like it’s the first place that’s a perfect fit and so me.

I also love books, and I love writing and the fact that I love to write.

I got four tags, when there were supposed to be three per person, which was a good thing, because four wasn’t enough.

I’m also thankful for:

  • Nice people and getting smiles.
  • Running and lifting weights.
  • Being in shape.
  • The seasons and seeing spring leaves and the colors of fall.

And my list could go on and on.

The important thing is taking a moment to reflect—not just on Thanksgiving but every day. I try to find one thing to be thankful for, though Zoey always is a given, so really it is at least two things.

(See my BFF’s blog at https://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/?p=1339)

Zoey the cute doxie

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I like attention, and I like to share, too. That’s why every so often, I hit Share to show off my cuteness factor.

These are just a few photos of the CEO of cuteness, Zoey the Dachshund!

DinneratHouse3 12-15

I am cute (see the tilt of my head) as I get some love from my BFF Shelley.


I’m cute when I’m staring at the camera.


And I’m cute when I’m sleeping.

A dog’s take on running

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Aren't I cute?

Here’s a photo of me running inside the house.

My BFF Shelley hurt herself from doing too much running.

She pulled a muscle in her hip, and she realized she better stop for a little while—she says she’ll give it three days and then try to run a mile (a mile! that’s really far for short legs!).

I know when to stop running. And walking, too.

This is how I do walks. I walk and I walk, and then I don’t walk whenever I’m tired or want to slow down to smell the flowers. Or, I take a seat to wait for the people on the sidewalk to stop and pet me.

That’s because I want attention.

I walk for exercise—actually I’m forced to, but really, I’m on the hunt for people to tell me I’m cute and pretty and beautiful—all of it—and to pet me. I don’t care who the president is or any of that kind of stuff, because I just want to be acknowledged as the cutest dachshund in the whole wide world, my own version of www.

It doesn’t matter, because I know I’ll always have food (I love the soft kind I get now because I hurt my back and had some digestion issues). It’s mixed with my hard food that’s a little more boring but somehow has the flavor of the soft stuff mixed in, so I eat it. I guess I get tricked every time I come to the floor for breakfast and dinner.

And then after I eat, we go on a walk, so very routine and boring. No, not boring, because I get attention. That’s right, I get attention. I love the world!

Dogs can like poetry!

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PoetryAnthology1 2016.jpgMy BFF Shelley read her poetry in a poetry reading last week, and to my chagrin, I wasn’t able to go.

I’m furry and four-legged and don’t have one of those special vest things that would let me be her assistant, going wherever she goes. That means I had to wait in the car—Shelley takes me on errands, just so we can have more time together. I put my jowl on my paws and closed my eyes, waiting and waiting—forever.

I thought she was only reading three poems, which should have taken three minutes, but she was gone much longer than that. She actually stayed to listen to the other poets read their poems, too, and that took a couple of long hours. I fell asleep in my sadness at the forever-seeming separation.

Anyway, here’s what Shelley blogged about during her poetry reading: