A dog’s take on running

In A Dog's Exercise Needs, A Dog's Need for Attention, All About Me on November 13, 2016 at 11:30 am

Aren't I cute?

Here’s a photo of me running inside the house.

My BFF Shelley hurt herself from doing too much running.

She pulled a muscle in her hip, and she realized she better stop for a little while—she says she’ll give it three days and then try to run a mile (a mile! that’s really far for short legs!).

I know when to stop running. And walking, too.

This is how I do walks. I walk and I walk, and then I don’t walk whenever I’m tired or want to slow down to smell the flowers. Or, I take a seat to wait for the people on the sidewalk to stop and pet me.

That’s because I want attention.

I walk for exercise—actually I’m forced to, but really, I’m on the hunt for people to tell me I’m cute and pretty and beautiful—all of it—and to pet me. I don’t care who the president is or any of that kind of stuff, because I just want to be acknowledged as the cutest dachshund in the whole wide world, my own version of www.

It doesn’t matter, because I know I’ll always have food (I love the soft kind I get now because I hurt my back and had some digestion issues). It’s mixed with my hard food that’s a little more boring but somehow has the flavor of the soft stuff mixed in, so I eat it. I guess I get tricked every time I come to the floor for breakfast and dinner.

And then after I eat, we go on a walk, so very routine and boring. No, not boring, because I get attention. That’s right, I get attention. I love the world!


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