Zoey shows off Christmas photo

In A Dog's Need for Attention, A Dog's Toys, Cute Dachshunds, Cute Dogs, Uncategorized on December 4, 2016 at 11:30 am

zoeynaughtyMy BFF Shelley, who took this photo, thinks I’m saying, “Should I be naughty or not so naughty? Either way, Love Me!ā€

That may be true, but I’m also saying, give me some treats.

I’m awaiting Christmas, when I will be sure to get wrapped presents that will included toys, treats and more treats. The tradition at our house is my human family exchanges presents and then focuses on me as I unwrap my presents. I do it on my own, using my teeth, ripping the paper to shreds. That’s almost as fun as getting a present … almost.

Each year, I get a toy or two, some edible treats and a set of small rawhide treats, which I rip out from the package or try to, and then Shelley takes one out and gives it to me. I ignore everyone else and get to chewing. It’s a Merry Christmas indeed!

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