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Dogs and the holidays

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I’m winter ready in my bow and jacket.

I love the holidays because my BFF Shelley takes me out to the dog-friendly shopping malls. I get to be carried inside the store, where I can see all of the sale items.

Being carried is advantageous when you’re a long-haired miniature dachshund with short legs.

What I see and smell is all low to the ground. I want the apex of vantage points to search out potential dog lovers, so that when they see me, they remark on my cuteness and want to pet me.

I want to be able to see everything from the human eye level to the ground, instead of relying on my sense of smell and knowledge of feet and shoes. That’s because my two aims in life are finding, eating and getting food (a top priority) and, second, getting attention. Attention results in petting sessions, playtime and cuddles.

Attention also reminds me that I’m cute and as the cutest dachshund this side of the Mississippi, I need the occasional reminder. That way I never doubt my state of cuteness and remain confident at all times. I think we all need to hear positive feedback, whether we’re human or a dog or a cat. (Yep, I like cats because they’re my size and potential friends – sometimes; I just don’t get why some cats don’t like dogs and get all hissy about it.)

Dog-Gone Sad about NaNoWriMo

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I am pouting as I try to sleep a little, too.

I am pouting as I try to sleep a little, too.

Can’t my BFF Shelley stop writing for NaNoWriMo? She writes all the time, all day at work as a journalist and then after work until bedtime.

I guess it’s because she’s gone all batty about words. And I’m going batty over my long-drawn-out neglect. Poor me for the whole long month.

But thank goodness NaNoWriMo is over, and I get my BFF Shelley back. She wrote 51,004 words.

I’m kind of proud of her, but I’m also mad because she did not provide me with my daily required dose of attention.

Shelley (interrupting Zoey’s typing): Zoey, you were with me the whole time when I was writing. And I took you on walks and out for runs.

Zoey: But you were doing other stuff at that silly computer.

Shelley: I gave you lots of treats.

Zoey: You were just trying to buy my love.

Shelley: Did it work?

Zoey: Can I have a treat now, too?

Shelley: Of course!

I get a treat and Shelley’s attention, too. Oh, and I like cake!

Just ask My Vet

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I am healthy, just ask my vet.

On Saturday, I went to the vet’s office for my annual exam and shots. I don’t mind because when I’m there, I get pets and cuddles.

“She’s so well behaved,” Ms. Vet said.

I wagged my tail. I am aren’t I, I thought as I sniffed at the air.

As Shelley, my pet mommy, sat in a chair in the examining room, I stood tall and proud on the steel table, getting poked and prodded.

Apparently, I have nice, clean teeth.

“She loves to chew her rawhide,” Shelley says to explain. She had asked when she should take me in for a cleaning. No-o-o! Getting my teeth brushed is torture – to get that message across, I always shake my head and try to wiggle from the clutches of my scary blue toothbrush.

“That’s good.”

Shelley explained my diet: a blend of two adult dog food brands, two milk bones a day, cheese from the table and treats.

“You might want to hold back on the treats,” Ms. Vet said.


They’re not good for a healthy diet, Ms Vet said, adding that I can have some, but don’t go overboard.

I need, need treats is what Shelley should have told her.

“She has good muscle mass,” was another thing Ms. Vet mentioned.

Shelley said she takes me on walks (not enough) and plays with me (not enough there either).

Unlike Shelley, I’m at my ideal weight, plus, as a dog, I can’t go get my own treats whenever I feel like it. Apparently, I have to earn them.

I’m destined to being healthy (and also very cute), as well as one trim, fit feline-loving, bird-adoring BFF.

Talk, talk, talk

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I’m really busy right now, playing. I have to listen to Shelley talk, talk, talk. I can interpret some of it. I, of course, know “sit,” “roll over,” and “want a treat?” I know “make it squeak,” and I’ll find the squeak makers in my toys and bite on them. I love the noise, and it’s really fun when Shelley squeaks a toy, and I squeak another toy, and it’s like music.

“ Bark! Bark!” I’m running off. I heard a noise. It’s from people talking. What if they want to be friends? “I’m here!” I bark. And their voices fade away. I bark louder. “Come here!” And they don’t.

I hear the train.

Bark. Bark.

I hear a car honk.


And I hear loud music from a bar across the street.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve got lots to say.

“Be quiet!” I am told. I whine. I bark quietly.

See me. See me be a good girl.

I wait by the treat container.

“You want a treat?”

Tail wag, and I get what I want.

We’ve communicated, and I hadn’t had to say a thing.

Weekend Friends, Part II

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Sophie pins Zoey during a play wrestling match.

During the weekend at Mommy’s dad’s house, I got to play with my friend Sophie, a golden retriever. We had to sniff each other, despite meeting a few day’s ago, to get an update on what yards we’ve dug into and naughty things we’ve done.

Sophie dug up some flowers and chased balls. I just had a bath, so I wasn’t as easy to read.

After taking care of the first course of business, we touched noses. Yes, let’s play we said as we wagged our tails. I ran and looked behind me to see Sophie skipping up to me. I stopped and did my play bow with my front paws bent at the elbow and my behind in the air. Sophie did hers.

We wrestled, and we chased. We rolled, or I did, as Sophie licked the top of my head. She pushed at me, making me move across the floor in a slow slide. I hopped back. And we got started in our wrestling match. I won – mainly because I could become the bigger dog by sitting on chairs, couches and people’s laps and looking down at Sophie. Needless to say, I had the advantage.

I heard Mommy tell her dad she was proud of me.

“She’s usually scared of big dogs,” Mommy said.

And off we went, Sophie and I, to explore my backyard. I showed her the digging spots and the place under the tree where the branches umbrella over the ground. It’s a great shady hideaway. We touched noses and communicated with barks and sniffing and, off I go, chase me. And she did. She saw Zoey run. And man can I run!

Weekend Friends, Part I

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My mommy put my food dish, a bag of my food and my toys, including Bunny and Lenny the leopard, into a canvas bag. What are you doing? What are you doing? I repeated in my barking as I ran around Mommy’s legs.

Mommy went outside with my bag and her bags, shutting me out of the outdoors. I jumped up on my chair and looked out the picture window in the living room window. Mommy, see me here! I wagged my tail as she came back to the door. I jumped off the chair and circled around her feet. Take me!

And she did after saying goodbye to her mommy.

We drove in a car for a really, really long time, but it didn’t seem too long after I decided to sleep on Mommy’s lap.

We arrived in another place and Mommy’s dad, who I met before many times, gave Mommy a hug.

“Hi sweetie,” he said to me.

I smiled my doggy smile back and wagged my tail. He petted me like I asked. He carried me while Mommy carried her stuff into another house that wasn’t mine. Mommy’s brother and a girl who said I was cute and petted me, too, were there.

And so was Sophie! Sophie’s my new friend, a 1-year-old golden retriever, who I met a few days before. We touched noses and ran and ran and played and I rolled onto my back. I know I’m the smaller dog and am supposed to be submissive. And I did do that.


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I don’t get why I was taken from my birth mother and then my human mommy doesn’t even care enough to stay for two whole days with me. We had a grand time on the first day, playing games with balls and my rolling teddy bear (it’s a hedgehog, I later learned). I liked running after the balls and getting them in my mouth and plopping down to nibble on them.

“Zoey, bring it here,” my mommy said.

I didn’t. I was busy.

My mommy’s mommy kept saying Shelley, and I figured that was her name. I kept hearing Zoey when the mommies talked to me, so I learned my name, but that’s like easy.

Shelley played with me for one day and took off in her car for a really long time, and I didn’t know what to do. Would she come back? Where did she go? Why did she go? I don’t think, considering that I am her best friend, she should just take off, not explaining why. Why? Why?

I hopped on the arm of the chair next to the living room window and watched her red car go. I heard the sound of it hours and hours later when she came home. I ran and ran around the coffee table, yipping with excitement. She’s home! I rolled on my back, and she rubbed my belly. All’s good. And that night, I slept in her bed, like it was no big deal.