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Cute Contest Loser

In Dog Model, Shelley Widhalm on November 6, 2011 at 7:00 am

Zoey is sad, actually very sad, that she did not win PetSmart's cute costume contest.

Despite my being a very cute dog, I am sad to say that I did not make it to the final 25 contestants for PetSmart’s Halloween costume contest. There were five categories and I entered the cute costume category.

I, a fix-it-kind-of-girl with the cutest snout and long black-edged ears, dressed up as a mechanic. My pet parent, Shelley, somehow captured my model pose as I looked over my shoulder at the camera with my frilly bow just in view.

To put my bruised ego at ease, I looked up the final five in the cute costume category – the public gets to vote on their favorites in each category and the top winner will be in a commercial. I begrudgingly admit that the other pets were, in fact, cute. Their costumes were fancier and more detailed than mine and were, I admit, just plain adorable, while I was relying on my own cuteness to make my costume a winner.

Oh well.

The competition was stiff. There were 782 cute costume contestants just in the dog species alone, plus who knows how many there were for the cat, bird, small animal and reptile species.

Although I hear over and over just how cute I am, I realize that it was just one photo in one moment of time. It’s not like the judges could see me in action, get a glimpse of my personality and look into my brown puppy eyes with black markings that look like eyeliner.

Here’s the photo I entered. If you think I’m cute, please hit LIKE. And I’ll like you back, I promise.

Zoey dresses up in her mechanic shop gear for Halloween.


Puppy Modeling

In All About Me, Dog Model, Photo album, Shelley Widhalm on October 30, 2011 at 7:00 am


Zoey the Mechanic stands proud for a good job done.

I am a contestant in the PetSmart Halloween costume contest and am certain that I will win. I entered the cute costume category, and as you all know, I am very, extremely, extraordinarily cute.

Shelley, my pet parent, first dressed me up in a witch’s outfit, but it hung way too low, because I am ultra thin and fit.

She got her friend, Tim, to help with the second costume, the mechanics outfit I wore last year, plus a frilly bow on my ear. He held me while Shelley took super model puppy photos of me. I admit that the use of treats helped with my turning my head just so and standing on my hind legs.

Yep, I like food, and I can keep my puppy-ish figure too.

Here’s a few of the photos in my photo album, except for the one entered in the contest:

Zoey in her witch's outfit.


Zoey the Mechanic can fix almost anything, especially broken treats!


Paws on Modeling

In Clothes for dogs?, Dog Model on October 2, 2011 at 7:00 am

I am wearing my costume for Halloween 2010. Aren't I just about 100 percent adorable?

My pet owner, Shelley, is entering me in a cute dog contest hosted by Pet Smart. She’s submitting my photo (not yet taken) in the cute costume category in the Monster Cute Photo Contest.

If I win (I should because I am ultra, super duper cute), I will be named Pet Smart’s next pet model and will be in a Pet Smart commercial.

It’s fitting that I should model. Shelley won a contract with a casting agency after entering an American Mall Model Search.

Like her, I know how to run the walkway and do a 180 turn when I find something to chase. I know how to show off my clothes on my thin, 9-pound puppy body. And I know how to pose for the camera.

I wore a mechanics outfit for my costume last year, but I want to do something a little more girly this year, especially since I need to look extra cute.

Shelley and I are trying to figure out my costume that she’ll probably make or embellish.

I want to be a princess, but that’s so blasé for Halloween. There are so many princesses, plus I’m a princess the other 364 days of the year. The point of Halloween is to be something you’re not.

I want to be a fairy, but I don’t do well with wings because I already fly when I run.

I want to be Little Red Riding Hood, but I’m afraid my loud bark would scare the wolf.

I guess that means a trip to Pet Smart to look for costume ideas.

And no, I will not be a hotdog, even if my breed is dachshund.

Runway Run

In Dog Model, please, Seeking attention on July 17, 2011 at 5:28 pm

I am holding a cute pose as I look out the window.

Shelley, my pet owner, should put me in a modeling contest, kind of like what she did on Saturday. She had made the first cut and participated in a fashion show to see if she’ll make the second to go on to nationals. She’ll find out in three weeks if she’ll actually be a model.

What she doesn’t know is I already am one, or have the potential bursting out as I run.

You should see how I move with my four legs tapping on the floor as I fly, my ears flopping and my eyes sparkling.

When it comes to the pivot turn, I skid my paws and circle, sliding on the wood floor to change direction with the grace of a swan paddling its feet.

I have a stance, too, where I hold perfectly still while waiting for my harness and leash. Even after it’s on, I stay that way, waiting for Shelley to grab her purse.

Attitude, that too is part of modeling, and, yes, I have it. It’s in my loud bark. It’s in the scratching I do when I want Shelley to pick up something off the floor. It’s in the lift of my head as I look down the street from my stance on the coffee shop table Shelley should claim as hers. I hold myself that way in anticipation of getting petted.

And that, too, is the final proof you need that I am super model dog. I am so cute and irresistible that strangers stop on the street just to touch me and tell Shelley about my appearance.

So, as you see, I am ready to sign on the dotted line to model for dog food, dog toys and anything that a company needs to sell. Because, darn it, I’ll get everyone’s attention!