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Big Bark-Little Dog

In Big dogs, Lap dog, Loud barks, Who's Alpha DOG? on April 24, 2011 at 8:12 am

One day last week, Shelley and I were at the Mandolin Cafe, the coffee shop we go to sometimes after she gets off work. I was a bit squirmy in Shelley’s lap, wanting to greet the people there who could pet me.

I obviously wasn’t interested in being a lapdog. What’s the point of that, just sitting there when there are balls to chase, smells to explore and people to meet?

So, we were sitting, or I was squirming and Shelley was trying to work on her laptop (by the way, how does Shelley figure her lap’s big enough for me and a computer?), when a Great Dane walked by followed by a medium, then a small-sized dog. I barked at the Dane, ready to take him or her on. I’ve got a big-dog bark, even though I weigh nine pounds and should have a yappy bark, right?

I’m brave as long as I’m sitting on Shelley’s lap, but if I were to meet the Dane on the street, I would stop in my tracks and cower.

But that’s beside the point.

So when I was barking at the Dane, everyone started laughing, apparently at the scene I had just made with my jumping, barking and growling. I don’t see why.

I can take any dog on, just by being, well you know.                         

To further prove my point, I do not share my toys, my rawhide or my balls, as you can be sure to ask my big-dog friends, Sophie, a Golden Retriever, and Sienna, a mix-breed. I’ve snapped at both of them, and they backed down.

That’s because I am one tough (and cute) Miniature Dachshund.


Not a Lap Dog

In Chasing smells, Lap dog, Looking for friends, Wanting to explore on December 12, 2010 at 8:20 pm

I am not a lap dog.

Let me repeat, I am not a lap dog.

First off, I’m very long in body. I’m a dachshund, and I’m not designed to lie on laps, unless I curl up and rest my head on a knee or my paws. This is comfortable, but only if I’m in the mood for napping. If not, I want to look around and explore what’s happening in my environment. I can’t see anything if I’m hanging off somebody’s lap with my head pointing toward the floor.

Second, I have better things to do. I want to check out smells and the source of sounds. I want to walk around and see what things in the coffee shop might be good for chewing. Or I want to see if there is someone who wants to pet me and tell me how cute I am.

In a word, I just want to be.

I don’t think just being is very fun if all you’re doing is sitting on a lap, checking out the floor.

Therefore, I conclude, I am a busy blur that likes to run, play, chase balls and find new things, like friends.

I am a pal dog, in other words.