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Back to Blogging (after a long PAWS)

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I am really cute, and I know it. I also can write!

Hi Everybody, Friends and All!

I know you’ve missed me because I’m the cutest dachshund in the world. Call me Zoey or Cute Zoey. I know I’m cute because I get told. I hear through word of mouth, and that’s how I market my identity. Cute Darling Dachshund Me!

I wasn’t blogging for awhile because my BFF Shelley started a writing and editing business, Shell’s Ink Services, and I had to help her. That’s because I’m the CEO of Cuteness. I’m going to blog once a month about how to treat and love your dog and how to do dog behavior training–not that I need any because I’m all about goodness and being good. Just look at my face. Adorable, I know.

Shelley used a photo of me in her blog this week about creating a blogging voice. I have a loud barking voice, and I bark at big dogs and trucks and wheels and things that move. I don’t bark at cats, because I love cats!

Here’s the link:


Merry Christmas (from a cute puppy)!

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I am opening my Christmas presents during a previous Christmas and having so much fun getting stuff!

I cannot wait for Christmas when I get my presents.

I gave my BFF Shelley my list of wants and wants and needs, and she went to the pet store. I know because she made me get my nails trimmed, which is torture, while she went puppy shopping.

When we got home, she put the presents in the closet, and I wondered, um, where are they and why don’t I have them yet?

And then my birthday happened on Tuesday—I turned eight on Dec. 20. Shelley left me all day to go to Denver, and then she came back and did not even say happy birthday until bedtime. She said, “I forgot, Honey, but here’s a rawhide,” and I had fun chewing it, but I was thinking where are my presents?

I guess I’ll get them today. It is Christmas after all.

Shelley gave me another rawhide while she wrapped them, and I was so busy chewing that I forgot to peek. She wrapped everything in tissue paper, which I will rip up today to get to whatever she got me. I know there will be some treats and toys, and I saw a red ball with pointy things when I glanced up from my happy chewing.

I can’t wait to see.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone, including other dogs and cats. I love cats!


I am waiting for my Christmas presents, wearing my Christmas shirt, during Christmas 2015.

A dog’s Christmas wish list

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Look at me go during Christmas 2015. I have lots of presents!

I am a very cute dog interested in presents.

My birthday is on Dec. 20, and Christmas is on Dec. 25, which means I should get lots and lots of presents.

I get to open my own presents, which are wrapped with pretty ribbons.

My BFF Shelley usually takes a video of me, remarking how cute I am as I rip and rip to get to my prize. I unwrap present after present like a machine, wanting to find out what’s inside. I always get one of my treats right then and there, but I can’t rip the hard plastic, so Shelley does it for me. And then she hands it over, and I enter dog heaven, ignoring everyone else as they open their presents.

Anyway, here’s my cute dog’s Christmas wish list:

  • Treats.
  • Rawhide.
  • Treats.
  • Toys, like balls and things to tug.
  • Treats.
  • Stuffed dog bears.
  • Treats.

As for treats, I like hamburger, carrots, apples and green beans from the table. I like bone marrow treats, milk bones and those green teeth brushing things, but I don’t like my teeth getting clean.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I certainly will as I get all of my presents.

ZoeyChristmas 2013-1

I am opening the rest of my presents during Christmas 2015.

A thankful puppy!

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I’m thankful for lots of things, even this bow in my ear!

My BFF Shelley wrote about how she’s thankful for me, which she should be because I’m so cute! She wrote about me (and some other things) to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

I, too, want to give thanks.

I’m thankful for food, toys, playtime, cats and getting love and pets. And I’m thankful for having a BFF and being a BFF.

Here’s what my BFF said about me in her blog at Shell’s Ink:

Giving thanks is a given for Thanksgiving, and the way my family and I said thank you added fun and creativity to the holiday.

This year, my brother and I visited our mother at her assisted living place for the noon meal.

Most of the residents sat at a long table in the center of the dining room, but a few of the families joined together at their own tables. Before the staff served the traditional fare of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberries, the new volunteer director of activities told the 50 or so people in the room to find their tags next to the silverware and write what they were thankful for.

My first one was easy—and sorry this is sideways, but I couldn’t get the photo to rotate—because it was about my dog, Zoey. I wrote “My dog, Zoey,” and my mom said, “I knew you’d write that one.”

Next, I put my apartment, because I love it and where I live, feeling like it’s the first place that’s a perfect fit and so me.

I also love books, and I love writing and the fact that I love to write.

I got four tags, when there were supposed to be three per person, which was a good thing, because four wasn’t enough.

I’m also thankful for:

  • Nice people and getting smiles.
  • Running and lifting weights.
  • Being in shape.
  • The seasons and seeing spring leaves and the colors of fall.

And my list could go on and on.

The important thing is taking a moment to reflect—not just on Thanksgiving but every day. I try to find one thing to be thankful for, though Zoey always is a given, so really it is at least two things.

(See my BFF’s blog at https://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/?p=1339)

Zoey the cute doxie

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I like attention, and I like to share, too. That’s why every so often, I hit Share to show off my cuteness factor.

These are just a few photos of the CEO of cuteness, Zoey the Dachshund!

DinneratHouse3 12-15

I am cute (see the tilt of my head) as I get some love from my BFF Shelley.


I’m cute when I’m staring at the camera.


And I’m cute when I’m sleeping.

A dog’s back story

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My BFF Shelley thinks I’m cute, obviously!

This week my BFF Shelley blogged about back story, and I thought I’d do the same but about myself.

The back story of how I became the CEO of cuteness is full of tension and excitement.

First off, I was born that way, though that’s not the entire story.

Before I get into that back story, I’ll tell you about the exciting current moment, or the now. I’m seven, but I’m told I still look young—I have bright white teeth and a cute, darling face (I’m also told this). I don’t actually look at myself in the mirror, but I hear how I’m cute, pretty, beautiful and what a face! I know, I know.

Shelley got me when I was nine weeks, and I picked her out. She wanted to hold a puppy after going through some allergy shots, and she held me. I laid my head on her chest, and she was taken. The next day she came back, and I did the same thing and found my new home.

She took me to puppy kindergarten and intermediate training, read tons of training and dog behavior books, and figured out how to be the boss of me (except I didn’t relent on the barking at the big dogs and things with wheels that go by on the sidewalk). I didn’t give her full boss-iness, either, because I established myself as CEO, and she has to accept I’m alpha when it comes to cuteness.

I demonstrate this cuteness when Shelley takes me on walks or with her to coffee shops. I sit (or stand) sentry, watching out for people who will stop and pet me and tell me what I want to hear: that I’m cute and pretty both, that I’m a good girl, that Shelley’s lucky to have me.

I tell them back, in tail wiggles and occasional kisses, I’m lucky to be with her, too. We’re a match, back then and now.


Cute dogs (like Zoey) rule

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I am a cute princess dog.

I would describe myself as a very cute dachshund.

I’m a good girl, but I do like to bark.

Is barking bad?


Why? Because it’s how I get attention. When you tell me, “No bark,” I, in fact, think you’re encouraging me to bark. I think you’re talking back to me, not at me. I think we’re having a conversation. I bark. You say, “No bark,” and I bark again. Back and forth we go, engaging in a conversation that, to me, matters.


A dog’s sad, being ignored tale

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ZoeyBathMy BFF Shelley is doing some silly writing, so I’m kind of sad, plus she gave me a bath.

For those reasons, I don’t feel like writing this week.

However, I want to cheer myself up with cute photos of myself (and in the process I may cheer you up). That’s because I’m the cutest dachshund in the world and the cutest dog ever.

My name is Zoey.

I love cats, dogs smaller than me and people. I love rawhides. I tolerate walks. I like to chew things (what I’m allowed to chew, not shoes or furniture because I’m a grownup dog and past that stage).

I’m, in essence, a good girl.

Poster Dog

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Here is one of the photos Shelley has of me. It’s on her dresser in an 8″ by 10″ frame.

I’m a poster dog.

Or more like a photo and screensaver dog.

My BFF Shelley has me plastered everywhere, like she used to do with boy band posters.

Shelley has me in framed photographs in the living room and bedroom and inside the nightstand and closet—she likes opening up doors and drawers and seeing me posed in all of my cuteness. She has me in another frame at her office.

I’m also on the screensavers for her work and her two home computers—one set up with the printer and one to take out and about.

I’m on the front cover of one of her journals.

I’m on a mug.

And I’m on a book bag.

I even got to be on a calendar in 2011, but that year has passed.

What about this year? I need to be the center of 2016.

The fact I’m photo and screensaver dog shows that I’m loved and the other half of BFF.



Zoey the cute dog invites guest blogger

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DinneratHouse3 12-15

Zoey the Cute Dachshund normally writes her blogs in her voice, but this week she’s invited me to be a guest blogger.

The caveat is I have to talk about her.

I’ll start from the beginning, or the back story—I got Zoey, which means “life” in Greek, when she was nine weeks old and weighed 2.8 pounds. I brought her to the house, and she immediately took off to explore.

Zoey and I went through puppy kindergarten and intermediate training. We worked on tricks. And we became BFFs.

She was my first dog, so I started reading books about dog training and behavior, including a couple of books in the Dummies series. I liked the bright yellow cover for “Dachshunds for Dummies,” as well as the title, because who’s the bigger dummy when the dog is the boss?

I learned about Zoey’s breed and how to handle any issues, like barking, but really, she won the big bark battle. She barks at wheels and large dogs, and she glares at me when I say in my snappy, alpha voice, “No bark.”

Zoey likes dogs that are her size or smaller and cats, unless they’re bigger than her. She hides her tail, or if she’s safe in my arms or on the patio, she does her bark thing.

Zoey also likes, or I should say, loves people. We go on lots of walks, where I alternate carrying her and setting her on the ground, because I like to take long walks, and she has short legs.

On our walks, she stops at nearly everybody, practically running up to them to see if they’ll say “hello” and pet her. I keep her leash tugged tight, reading the body language of my sidewalk neighbors, and if they seem interested, Zoey gets to share herself.

She gets told she’s cute, pretty and beautiful.

She gets oohs and aahs.

And she triggers stories and memories of dogs lost to old age or disease, dogs at home and how many and their breeds, and dogs from their childhoods. We hear about why they love dogs. We hear about their bonds with the animals. And we learn a few training tips.

Zoey opens up conversations, gives people a moment to get lost in her loving nature and provides a dash of happiness, because nothing bad has happened to her. She’s all about loving and being loved.

And that, I believe, is what makes her a magnet.