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A Dog’s (Organic) Life

In All About Me, Organic Dog, Shelley Widhalm on December 2, 2012 at 11:30 am

Here I am out in nature as Miss Organic Dog.

I’m an organic dog who lives an organic life.

I even have a T-shirt that says “Tree Hugger.”

Woops, that’s not the right “organic,” Shelley, my co-blogger and a human, is telling me.

“I’m referring to writing,” she says as I’m pawing out my thoughts for this week’s blog.

“Fine, fine, what is it you mean?” I bark my question at her.

She tells me that she’s blogging about writers who outline and plan everything out, versus those who write organically, winging it as they go.

I bark back, “Why plan, unless it’s how to get from Point A of no treat to Point B of having treats?”

“I give you treats,” Shelley says.

“Can I have my favorite chicken-flavored milk bone, please?” I whimper, showing her my sad, I-feel-left-out and oh-so-lonely eyes.

I get a treat.

See, that’s planning in full force. I got to Point B.

Wait, I’m back at Point A because I have eaten my treat and am in want of another.

Bark, bark.

Shelley is ignoring me as she writes stuff about her novel. I hope I’m in there, I bark in my thoughts.

As if she can hear me, Shelley says, “You are in there. And your name’s Flame.”


“My main character loses her miniature dachshund, Flame, and gets her back.”

“She gets her spark back?” I bark.

“Yes, you could say that.”

I beam my doggie smile and get back to work, thinking about how to get another treat.