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Zoey A to Z

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Zoey gets ready for a walk.

I don’t need tension to get readers (or my Zoey fan club) to turn the pages (or to pet me).

I just need to be me, whether I’m engaged in the action of running or the non-action of sitting still.

If I were to tell my story as the cutest dachshund west of theMississippi, I could do without all those fancy elements of fiction. Just look at the alphabet to see why.

I am:

A – Able

B – Beautiful

C – Cute

D – A Dachshund (duh!)

E – Essential (to your life)

F – Fun

G – A girl

H – Happy

I – Ingenious (at getting what I want)

J – Jack of all trades (from barking to being cute, sweet and incredibly pet-able)

K – Keen, plus a keeper

L – Lean (I’m on a doggie diet)

M – A member of management (I am the CEO of cuteness)

N – Nice (in fact, very, very nice)

O – Obstinate (it’s a trait of my breed!)

P – Post-puppy, or dog

Q – Quick on my feet

R – Really, really cute! (or did I already say that?)

S – Shelley’s number one love

T – A talebearer as I pee my way around the block

U – Unpaid (for my cuteness)

V – Verbal with my loud barks

W – (Plus when I) Wag, wiggle and wash my tail

X – (Not a very useful letter)

Y – Why not?

Z – Zoey!!!!! (what other word would fit here, duh!)

A Dog’s Quarterly Review

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I figured as a dog, I could dig a little into what makes for good storytelling, because I’m not just about barking.

Call me Zoey the Super Cute Dachshund.

I am learning about the elements of fiction, so that by the end of the year, I will know how to write a puppy’s book, I mean children’s book.

Take plot, which in my shoe-less paws, is pretty exciting. The hook is my cute demeanor (check my photos and see just how adorable I am) that draws passersby into wanting to pet me.

The inciting incident of getting human attention always triggers my desire to get more pets and to be told that I am the cutest of all the cute dogs in the world. Sometimes this desire submerges me into a bit of trouble when I bark at the big dogs or from the vantage point of a coffee shop table or the patio, telling everyone, “Here I am. Come play!”

The obstacles to my getting visitors are the front door without a doorbell and Shelley, my pet parent, saying, “No bark,” to which I reply with an even louder bark and a snout in the air.

“You have to come in now,” Shelley says, and if I don’t, I’m picked up and brought inside.


The other elements of fiction include:

  • Setting, or wherever I am: downtown out on walks, the patio to see the city and Shelley’s Mom’s big, huge, wonderful backyard to run and run and have fun.
  • Character, which is obvious in that I am the main character of everything, while the minor characters include Shelley, her friends and her family.
  • Dialogue, or woof, bark and yip. Need I say more?
  • Pacing, as in I run fast, I play hard and I sleep long.

As for theme, that should be obvious. Life’s not all about looks, but about beauty, or cuteness in my case, from inward out. It helps, however, that I’m cute to look at and have a cute personality to boot.

Chew on that, why don’t you?

The end.

* See Shelley’s blog on the writing process at http://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/a-writers-quarterly-review/

A Dog’s Motivation Factor

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Zoey turns a coffee cup lid into a toy.

As I’ve said before, I’m motivated by treats and getting petted. I also want to play chase, tug of war and games of keep away.

I especially want to be the center of attention.

It’s not too hard for me to meet these goals. I am a very cute long-haired dachshund, and most everyone loves me, well except for the big dogs. I bark at them, at least when I’m atop a coffee shop table or in someone’s lap, to let them know I’m the queen dog (not bee).

I get so many pets and told I’m cute, adorable and pretty. It’s like I’m famous, or so cute that I should be.

On Black Friday, I went to PetSmart with Shelley, my parent, and three people in a row stopped Shelley to ask her if they could pet me.


I don’t have a big ego, seriously, like right now I am sitting on Shelley’s lap listening to music at this Wednesday Night Hootenanny at the Mandolin Café. A few people have asked to pet me, as usually is the case at my hangout. But I’m being a good girl for Shelley’s sake.

A long time ago, she told her friends that she wanted to train squirmy me into a lapdog, and here I am being a lapdog. It took me a few months and a few trips home, but I can bend my will to that of another.

I like how the music is different from people’s voices. I can distinguish individual words when I’m being talked to, but music is like a moving string of sound that doesn’t divide with the silent spaces between words. Music sometimes matches my heartbeat or how it feels to take in air and push it into a sigh. So happy I am being here listening and seeing and sighing, engaging my sight, my hearing, my feeling and my ability to be quiet.

I don’t have to bark at big sounds, as is the case when I encounter other dogs and have to let them know about my presence.

Zoey’s Take on Be You

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The idea of “Be You” is easy for a dog. I bark when I hear a sound I don’t like. I beg when I see food I want. And I play when I want to play.

I am who I am without trying to fit in or being someone or something else. I don’t have to be what a job or a classroom tells me to be, doing what is required for a paycheck or a grade. I can just do.


But my Be You-ness is dependent on others. I am a social, and an exceptionally cute, dachshund who needs pets, attention and playtime. So I Be Sad when I don’t get my needs met. I need to be connected to others, both dogs and people, for games of chase, tug-of-war and make-believe band from squeaking my toys to make music.

I certainly am not going to chase my tail or squeak my bunny or duck-y if no one is there to watch me be cute.

I need observers and to know that I belong.

I can’t sit at home all day, pretending that it’s okay for my pet parent to be working. I want her there with me. I can be my Be You when I am Being With Others. I can Be Me when I have you Being You being with me, because I am bred to be your pet.

I Be Cute!

Paws on Poetry

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Here I am atop a table, posing for a photograph. I agree, I am cute!

See Spot run, a book about my kind, but it’s not like that with us. We like to play and run and hide and leap and sit on our hind legs, as if we can pretend that being upright keeps us still. We wobble on our behinds, not set right for two-legged dancing.

It’s a matter of seeing Zoey sit atop a table, a pretty 9-pound pack age of cute dog here. That’s me, cute to the 10th degree. Passersby ask to take myphoto, and I dance with the delight of seeing them want to pet and be with me and capture me as if film could stop me in my

See Zoey run factor.


Staging Pets

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I am always in the now, but that’s because I’m a dog.

The last thing I am is shy. That’s because I need people to pet me.

I’m not afraid of the stage either. It’s all around me, wherever I am. I prance as I walk. Or I look ahead, scoping out those who will pet me. I slow when we cross paths, wagging my tail and panting. If they stop, I am the center of attention, at least for a few minutes.

If I’m on a table at a coffee shop, I look around and if people are approaching, I sit up straighter, wiggle a little and stretch out my neck, as if saying, “Here’s your personal invitation to pet me.”

And boy do I get the pets. But that’s not all. It’s like I’m hearing inquiries for autographs. “She’s so cute!” “Is she a puppy?” (Actually, I’m 2 and ½, but I show my age well). And, “Is she a purebred?” (Well, of course, I want to say as I stick my snout in the air, but I don’t because of my good manners).

Even a few people have requested to take my photograph, because, get this, I am so darn cute.

Shelley, my pet owner, says “yes” of course.

Those lucky bastards, capturing my image for posterity. So has Shelley, who has two photo albums filled with photos of me! Me! Wow!