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Once a Cute Dog, Always a Cute Dog

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I have a character arc.

I began as a cute dog. In the middle of my life, I will be a cute dog. And I will always be a cute dog.


For one, miniature dachshunds as a general rule are cute.

And two, I am the top-of-the-heap cute.

Wouldn’t you agree? Check out these photos and see just how cute you think I am. I am the CEO of Cuteness after all.

BTW, My birthday is in 18 days on Dec. 20. Have you put my birthday on your calendar? Thank you for doing that.

P.S. BTW A Second Time, I like treats and toys and lots of attention!

Okay, here are the photos:

I am wearing my costume for Halloween 2010. Aren't I just about 100 percent adorable?

I am wearing my mechanics outfit. Don’t I look adorable?


I also am adorable here, don’t you agree?

I'm adorable even when I sleep.

I’m adorable even when I sleep.


Puppy Modeling

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Zoey the Mechanic stands proud for a good job done.

I am a contestant in the PetSmart Halloween costume contest and am certain that I will win. I entered the cute costume category, and as you all know, I am very, extremely, extraordinarily cute.

Shelley, my pet parent, first dressed me up in a witch’s outfit, but it hung way too low, because I am ultra thin and fit.

She got her friend, Tim, to help with the second costume, the mechanics outfit I wore last year, plus a frilly bow on my ear. He held me while Shelley took super model puppy photos of me. I admit that the use of treats helped with my turning my head just so and standing on my hind legs.

Yep, I like food, and I can keep my puppy-ish figure too.

Here’s a few of the photos in my photo album, except for the one entered in the contest:

Zoey in her witch's outfit.


Zoey the Mechanic can fix almost anything, especially broken treats!


One Darn Cute Puppy!

In All About Me, Photo album on September 4, 2011 at 7:00 am

I am cute and 100 percent confident about the fact that I am cute. I don’t need a cuteness contract to prove it.

All I need to do is walk down the street. People want to stop and pet me.

Or I just need to sit on my table at the Mandolin. Same thing, I get requests to be petted or photographed.

I’ve been told that I am an extra cute dog, have a pretty face and have nice eyes. I’ve been told that I’m beautiful. And I’ve heard that I’m spoiled. (I disagree wholeheartedly with that comment.)

Here is one  of the photos that an admiring member of my entourage has taken and emailed to me:

I am a ham, relaxing on my table at the Mandolin.



Sleeping Puppies

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I’m not shy. I just sleep a lot.

Check out these photos of me snoozing, napping and cuddling. You can just call me one pooped puppy.

And don’t forget that I’m cute!



I’m sleeping with my stuffed toys in my dog bed.

I’m taking a rest on the fancy couch cushions.

I think I just found a comfy position on the couch!

All I need is my stuffed animals for sleepy time.

Doggie Album

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I thought I would post some photos this week to demonstrate just how cute I am.

I am hanging out with my best bear friend.


I know, I know, I look like a canine super model.


I'm adorable even when I sleep.


I told you I'm a 10 on the cuteness scale.