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Merry Christmas (from a cute puppy)!

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I am opening my Christmas presents during a previous Christmas and having so much fun getting stuff!

I cannot wait for Christmas when I get my presents.

I gave my BFF Shelley my list of wants and wants and needs, and she went to the pet store. I know because she made me get my nails trimmed, which is torture, while she went puppy shopping.

When we got home, she put the presents in the closet, and I wondered, um, where are they and why don’t I have them yet?

And then my birthday happened on Tuesday—I turned eight on Dec. 20. Shelley left me all day to go to Denver, and then she came back and did not even say happy birthday until bedtime. She said, “I forgot, Honey, but here’s a rawhide,” and I had fun chewing it, but I was thinking where are my presents?

I guess I’ll get them today. It is Christmas after all.

Shelley gave me another rawhide while she wrapped them, and I was so busy chewing that I forgot to peek. She wrapped everything in tissue paper, which I will rip up today to get to whatever she got me. I know there will be some treats and toys, and I saw a red ball with pointy things when I glanced up from my happy chewing.

I can’t wait to see.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone, including other dogs and cats. I love cats!


I am waiting for my Christmas presents, wearing my Christmas shirt, during Christmas 2015.

A dog’s Christmas wish list

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Look at me go during Christmas 2015. I have lots of presents!

I am a very cute dog interested in presents.

My birthday is on Dec. 20, and Christmas is on Dec. 25, which means I should get lots and lots of presents.

I get to open my own presents, which are wrapped with pretty ribbons.

My BFF Shelley usually takes a video of me, remarking how cute I am as I rip and rip to get to my prize. I unwrap present after present like a machine, wanting to find out what’s inside. I always get one of my treats right then and there, but I can’t rip the hard plastic, so Shelley does it for me. And then she hands it over, and I enter dog heaven, ignoring everyone else as they open their presents.

Anyway, here’s my cute dog’s Christmas wish list:

  • Treats.
  • Rawhide.
  • Treats.
  • Toys, like balls and things to tug.
  • Treats.
  • Stuffed dog bears.
  • Treats.

As for treats, I like hamburger, carrots, apples and green beans from the table. I like bone marrow treats, milk bones and those green teeth brushing things, but I don’t like my teeth getting clean.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I certainly will as I get all of my presents.

ZoeyChristmas 2013-1

I am opening the rest of my presents during Christmas 2015.

A Puppy’s Christmas Wish List

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Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

I turned three on December 20, five days before Christmas.

Shelley, my pet parent, threw a birthday party for me at her favorite coffee shop, the Mandolin Café. She made a cake, and I got to eat some, plus get toys and treats.

But really, it’s not enough.

Christmas is coming up, and as a very cute dachshund, I should get presents.


This is what I want for Christmas:

* More toys, like big stuffed animals that are larger than me.

I have a few, including Duckie, Big Dog, Doggie and a new unnamed bear that was supposed to be for Christmas, but I claimed it by ripping off the tag and running off with it for some play time.

But I could use more friends to add to my lair.

* More balls, though I have small, medium and tennis-ball size balls already.

* Treats, particularly Pupperoni, anything with chicken or steak and rawhide.

* Love, lots of it.

And attention.

And people telling me I’m cute.
And getting pets.

And, and …

I’ll stop now, a dog can’t be too greedy, given that there are other dogs on the planet who have needs, too.


Yeah, I guess so.

Merry Christmas!!!

A Dog’s Christmas

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I don’t know what Christmas is because I’m a dog and dogs don’t do traditions and holidays and stuff.

The week before Christmas Day – the day I got three presents – Shelley carried me in my pink bag at an outdoor shopping center that allows dogs. She took me in some of the stores, where I got pets and told I was cute, because who can resist a long-haired dachshund.

When we got home, Shelley wrapped the presents using paper rolled up on a tube of cardboard. I tried to help, jumping on the paper. I liked the crinkly sound it made until Shelley pushed me off, saying, “I need to wrap this up.”

She took out a doggie teddy bear that I knew was mine, and I grabbed it and ran. I squeaked the squeaker in the bear’s belly, and Shelley laughed.

“Now you know what you’re getting for Christmas,” she said.

And then somehow my bear was gone.

I got it back, though, on Christmas Day. Shelley and her mom, dad, brother and her brother’s girlfriend all got small piles of presents. And I got my pile.

“Start it for her,” Shelley’s mom said.

Shelley ripped a tear into the middle of the snowflake-covered paper, and I worked at it with my teeth. Is this a new toy, I thought, and then I saw my toy, grabbed it and ran. I don’t want this bear to disappear.

Next, I got a meat-centered rawhide, but I only got to eat half of it before it disappeared.
“If she eats that, she’ll probably get sick,” Shelley’s mom said.

My rawhide disappeared and returned the next day. I didn’t have the energy to eat it after running around and playing with everyone on Christmas. I do that, I play myself out and have to rest up the next day.

The third present I never got to see. “She’ll probably want to eat this, too,” Shelley said. “I’ll give it to her later.”

When is later? I’m waiting for later, and it is later, the day after Christmas. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I’m sleeping next to Shelley as she writes her blog.