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Loving your dog on Valentine’s Day

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ZoeyModelToday is Valentine’s Day, and that means you should love your dog, cat or pet—I mean extra, not just ordinary.

I like the extra love because I’m an extra cute dachshund with big brown eyes and a big heart.

I love lots of people and greet everyone with a tail wag, jumps in the air and, if they let me, kisses. I love other animals (except big dogs). And I even love cats.

To show us love on Valentine’s Day, the big day of romance, card giving and candy, give us our own valentine.

Here are some suggestions I have:

  • Give us an extra special treat (I like rawhides, heated-up milk bones and pepperoni sticks).
  • Give us extra long playtime, because play is good for mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Take us on an extra walk, because we love to explore smells, or let us run extra long, because again the smells are fascinating and running is something we love to do.
  • Take us somewhere that allows pets, such as a coffee shop or retail store, so that we can spend extra time with you and meet new people.
  • Spend extra time with us, just because you love us and we love you back.
  • And a present would be nice, too. I like stuffed animals, balls to chew up (not to chase) and Nylabones (I really, really like to chew, even though I’m six and not a puppy anymore).

Lastly, say that you love us and that we’re cute in the lovey-dovey voice, because we do understand.

Dog blogger’s year in review

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ZoeyChristmas-2I like the end of the year, because my birthday is on Dec. 20—I turned seven—and I get lots of presents then and on Christmas.

Using my paws and teeth, I rip off the wrapping paper to find treats, toys and doggie teddy bears. My BFF Shelley always takes a video of me having fun, which lasts about two minutes as I get to the prize.

I also like the end of the year because I can be reflective and think ahead at the same time. I blogged nearly every week in 2015—and in fact have been blogging since 2011—about my life as a cute dachshund, sharing stories and photos to demonstrate the fact.

I blogged about being both a dog blogger and a canine poet able to write poems from a dog’s perspective.

I wrote about dog behavior and what dogs need and want from their owners. I wrote about how pet owners—I call mine my BFF—need to let us know how much we mean to them, pay attention to us (like all of the time) and give us lots of treats (even healthy ones).

I explained the elements of responsible pet ownership, while telling really interesting stories from my own life.

And I wrote about cats, even though most of them don’t like me too much. I like cats, birds, geese and anything else in the animal kingdom, but not dogs, at least those larger than me. I bark at them, and they look at me as if I’m silly, so I bark again, while also wiggling my tail. I can’t tell if I want to be friends or not. That’s why cats are safer; they’re not keen on dogs, and I can just pretend they are.

In 2016, I’ll continue blogging about the dog life, my life and how best to love on and care for your pet dog (or cat, or other animal). I may be taking off the month of January from blogging, because my BFF will be recovering from surgery, and I need to give her some love and attention after all that she’s done for me.ZoeyChristmas 2013-1.jpg

Dog Blogger Loves Treats!

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I love treats, such as this rawhide stick.

I love treats, such as this rawhide stick.

I am motivated by what should motivate all cute dogs—praise, getting pets and, of course, the T word.

You got it. Treats!

My BFF Shelley blogged this week about character motivation and the difference between what characters want and what they need.

I want treats. I need treats. It’s the same thing.

I want to talk about another of my want/needs. When we go on walks, I want to sniff around and catch up on the gossip from the other dogs, get a little exercise and meet people who will stop and pet me, saying how cute I am.

I want/need to run around a backyard, but Shelley does not have a backyard. Walking on a leash isn’t the same thing. Just imagine if you were told where to walk and had to follow the same route every time your person got off work. Yeah, I thought so.

Plus, I hate how when I want to sniff a smell and really understand the source and identify how long it’s been there and why, Shelley pulls on my harness. I’ve got to move along, she says.

Do you see me telling her to move along when she stops to greet someone she knows? Instead, I wag my tail and stare at that person until he or she give me my much deserved pet and remarks about my cuteness.

So to wrap up, I want/need attention, playtime, love and more treats. I like rawhide the best.