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Talk, talk, talk

In A keen barker, Best friends, Dog communication, Words I know on December 5, 2010 at 8:30 am

I’m really busy right now, playing. I have to listen to Shelley talk, talk, talk. I can interpret some of it. I, of course, know “sit,” “roll over,” and “want a treat?” I know “make it squeak,” and I’ll find the squeak makers in my toys and bite on them. I love the noise, and it’s really fun when Shelley squeaks a toy, and I squeak another toy, and it’s like music.

“ Bark! Bark!” I’m running off. I heard a noise. It’s from people talking. What if they want to be friends? “I’m here!” I bark. And their voices fade away. I bark louder. “Come here!” And they don’t.

I hear the train.

Bark. Bark.

I hear a car honk.


And I hear loud music from a bar across the street.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve got lots to say.

“Be quiet!” I am told. I whine. I bark quietly.

See me. See me be a good girl.

I wait by the treat container.

“You want a treat?”

Tail wag, and I get what I want.

We’ve communicated, and I hadn’t had to say a thing.


Leaving Miss Zoey

In Holidays, My family, The importance of play, Why leave, Words I know on July 5, 2010 at 2:42 am

I don’t care what day it is. A day is a day, and today was not one of my favorites, at least for five hours of it. It started out so swell when my daddy, who is Shelley’s Dad, came over to see me. I saw his van and got so excited. He gave me a belly rub and off we were into playtime. And then he and mommy left me. I sat on my mommy’s Mom’s lap while she read a book, and all these bangs went off, but I didn’t bark at all of them, just the loud ones and at the other people and dogs I could see out the front window.

Shelley and daddy came back and played with me, and then my people left me for five long hours, but I slept, so it was all right, I guess. I hate being left in the house when I am part of the family. I could smell Sophie on daddy when he came home, and I felt jealous. Why wasn’t I included?

I don’t have much to say about what this day (Fourth of July, I think it is) means, because I don’t get the big deal about all the things people talk about. I know about 50 words, like “sit” and those types, along with “wave,” “bath,” “treat,” “good girl,” “come on up” and the best of all, “Isn’t she so cute?”

But then I heard, “Isn’t she bossy,” as my mommy’s Mom asked daddy. Daddy said I’m bossy after dinnertime. No, I am not that. I just want to play, and daddy should know that I like to play after I eat. I stay with daddy sometimes and with mommy other times, though daddy is Shelley’s Dad, so it is very confusing. That story will come later, because it’s part of our description of our being together. Now, it’s time for play, so “good-bye,” another word I know.