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Cute Dog Advice: How to Get Attention

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I am cute waiting for attention at a coffee shop.

My favorite thing in life is to be petted, and I found the best way to get what I want.

Greet people.

This is how I do it. While my BFF and sidekick Shelley does boring work on her laptop, sitting outside the coffee shop, I sit on her lap and wait. I’m a lapdog, and she’s got me the lapdog alongside her laptop (or close enough). Or, think of it as Top Dog (and a lap!).

As customers of our favorite downtown Loveland coffee shop (or Starbucks, too) walk by, I stare at them and wiggle my tail, hoping they’ll notice me. If they look my way, I smile, showing off my white, nearly-daily brushed teeth, and look some more. They usually stop, and here’s the kicker, my BFF asks those being greeted by me if they want to say hello.

Duh. Of course they do.

I let them pet me, and I sigh with happiness. They use several adjectives to describe me: cute, adorable, pretty and beautiful. They say I have a beautiful coat (sable colored) and look like a girl with my floppy, black-tipped ears and two kohl black lines extending from the edges of my large, brown eyes.

Some say I’m spoiled.


I just need treats and love and attention, just like cats and humans.

Anyway, the customers who get my special greeting go in for their coffee and often come out for a second round. On it goes, my continual revolving door of hellos. I get to give a greeting and get back a big pet and lots of love.

This greeting tactic I’ve developed is mentioned in my BFF’s newsletter, Shell’s Ink Spot, which releases the first of the month. The section where I get a big spotlight and even more attention is called Puppy News (or a puppy update on Zoey, the CEO of Cuteness). For the July issue, she wrote:

Zoey is my sidekick and occasional writing partner. I like to take my lapdog to work on my laptop, sitting outside my favorite coffee shop. She greets customers as they come in the door with a tail wag and intense stares, welcoming anyone and everyone to stop and pet her. She loves people, and she helps me be more social. I still can focus, but I get fun little breaks of people saying how cute and adorable she is, and she eats it up, seeking even more attention. People remember her name first before they recall mine, though our names go together: Shelley and Zoey, or S and Z.

If you want to receive her newsletter, send her an email at shellsinkservices@gmail.com.



Pacing for dogs

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Sophie and Zoey

Zoey, right, and Sophie play at a fast pace.

As a miniature dachshund, I find pacing to be a silly concept.

There are two types of pacing: napping and playing.

In my napping pace, I curl into a loose ball atop the couch pillows or next to the edge of my doggie bed. I don’t go anywhere, so if you were watching me, you would see how cute I am with my eyes closed.

I bet you could watch me for a long, long time, because I sigh, I switch positions and I snap open my eyes when I hear noises, then return to dreamland.

Oh, is that too slow for you?

Well, join me for a run as I shoot out the door, stop to sniff at the feral cat area by the shed and bark as I hurry along the fence to return to the porch. I lift my snout and sniff. I better run another lap, and so I do.

That’s the fast pace.

So is playing when I engage in tug-of-war, a game of chase or go after my balls and toys that are thrown to the end of the hall.

A medium pace is for going on walks, when I mosey along, stopping at all fire hydrants, light poles, trees and flower beds to sniff and sniff. I become investigative as I slow down and then annoyed when I get pulled away from my dreamy wondering about which dogs had come by this or that spot.

“Come on, Zoey,” I hear as I’m lifted by my harness as if I’m flying through the air. I quicken my pace with paws circling until I land. I dig in, wanting to stay.

You see, I don’t want to keep pace with humans when I’ve got my own path to follow.

(I recycled this blog from 2012, because I’m kind of tired right now and need a doggie break from blogging.)

Cute dog shows off

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As the cutest dachshund ever, this week I thought I’d let photos tell a thousand words about my cuteness factor.



Dog baths are not fun

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I am too depressed to write. I just got a bath. When I get a bath, I feel kind of blue.


I have to get baths once a month, which is way too often. I like being dirty and smelly. I do not like water and soap and bubbles.

I am cute, dirty or clean, because I am the CEO of cuteness and the cutest dachshund worldwide. Thanks!

Dog Poet wants invite

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Zoey3I am so excited my BFF Shelley is reading her poetry, though she’s not letting me come. It’s at the museum, and because I’m not a service dog, I can’t go, which I think is quite unfair.

Doesn’t the museum realize I’m the cutest dachshund ever?

Here’s the link to Shelley’s blog and invitation to her reading April 14 at the Loveland Museum/Gallery (I really, really should be invited!):


More specifically, here’s what she says in the blog:

Before I read my poetry, I have to do some preparation work to make sure I make the best use of my mic time.

I will be reading one of my poems, “Cranky Town,” on April 14 during the Poetic Geography: Mapping Loveland poetry event at the Loveland Museum/Gallery in Loveland, Colorado.

Poets submitted their poems, which three judges selected for a final reading and booklet, about Loveland’s buildings, streets, art and places to visit to help create a poetic geography of Loveland. The idea is to make connections to place through poetry.

The reading will be 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Loveland Museum/Gallery, 503 N. Lincoln Ave.

Both “Cranky Town” and “Snow Cougar” will be included in the booklet, which I’ll be excited to give to my parents and brother (I have a large fan club!).

The reading and booklet together help honor National Poetry Month, an annual celebration of poetry started by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 as a literary celebration of poetry and its place in society.

Anytime I give a reading, I think of my reading as a performance, remembering to look at the audience to make eye contact and making sure I don’t read too fast or in a monotone.

To give a good reading, here are some other things I’ve learned poets need to do:

  • Mark up the poem to indicate where to change voice or emphasize certain lines or ideas.
  • Enunciate all of the words in the poem, so none of the images and ideas get lost.
  • Put the poem in a large font and make the last two lines even larger to remember to not let the poem drop at the end.
  • Rehearse the poem several times, reading the work out loud and timing it to keep a good pace.
  • Remember to look up and memorize a few lines, so it is easier to connect with the audience.
  • Put emotion into the reading voice and spoken words. Make sure gesture when appropriate to add some drama to the reading.

Lastly, publicize the reading via social media, flyers and emailing friends.

Dog Blogger shows off photos

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I thought a few photos of my cute self would brighten your it-gets-really-dark-really-fast January.


I am cute waiting for attention as I sit on a coffee shop table.


Okay, I’m a little sad here, because no one, I mean no one, is stopping to pet me. Please stop! Now!


I am cute even when I’m tuckered out and ready for a nap. This is back at home after I got pets (just a few). But still, I could use more attention.