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A dog’s attention needs

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I’m so cute, everyone wants to pet me, even with a long, long reach.

Dogs are social animals and need lots of attention.

I, in particular, need lots of attention, and like to be told that I’m cute, pretty and beautiful and to get lots of pets. But because I don’t get my cuteness factor pointed out every day (though I should), I have some more basic attention needs.

Here’s how to give us some attention and also establish routines that let us know we’re loved (and who’s the leader of the pack):

  • Give us at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep us healthy.
  • Offer regular playtimes, so that we can build a relationship with you and have fun.
  • Do tricks with us to improve our mental stamina and prowess, such as shake and spin.
  • Do obedience training with us to let us know you’re the leader and that also encourages us to be good. When you say “sit,” “lie down” and “stay,” we know what you want and respect your consistency. Of course, treats help.
  • Pet us through belly rubs, head patting and massages to create an emotional bond. I could use pets all day long (and cuddles, too).
  • Be there when we eat, or at least ask us to sit for food and treats. I free-range eat but wait until my BFF Shelley is home to eat (unless I’m really hungry and then go ahead and eat, but it’s boring).
  • Set the same time every night for bedtime, so that we have an expectation of when to settle down. Shelley and I agreed the day I came home as a 9-week-old puppy that I’d share her bed with her. I whined so much, Shelley, as a new- and first-time puppy owner, couldn’t take it and said, “Tonight only.” As if. I retrained her on that one.

These are just a few ways to provide a pattern for our day and to let us know what to expect, thereby establishing a good routine for us to follow.