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My doggie journal is important, too

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on September 20, 2015 at 5:30 am

I am posing next to my journal (which has a picture of me on the cover).

I am posing next to my journal (which has a picture of me on the cover).

As a dog blogger, I keep a journal so that I can come up with good ideas for writing.

I noticed that as I journal about the dog life, being a cute dog and relate what my BFF and co-blogger Shelley writes about writing to my dog world, I come up with other ideas to write about. Basically, I’ve started writing about my life, because it’s so interesting.

Like yesterday, I went on a walk with Shelley and her friend down Fourth Street and back, and I sniffed around a large light pole, walking around and around it. Two dogs had just walked by it, and I’d barked at them and then I wanted to see what they’d been up to.

Shelley’s friend said that I must be checking my email.

Email? No, I don’t get email.

I just sniff and explore the world, and once a week I write about it. Why? Because I’m cute Zoey and I’ve got lots of stories to tell.

Months, Days of the Week dedicated to your pets

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on July 12, 2015 at 11:30 am

I think every day and every month should be dedicated to your pet.

I think every day and every month should be dedicated to your pet.

My BFF Shelley needs to pay heed to YesDogMo, or National Pay Attention to Your Dog all the Time Month, to be celebrated every month of the year.

I like that there are days dedicated to dogs, cats and animals and believe these days should be national holidays with days off from work for pet owners. I actually think Shelley should have all days off to spend more time with me, because I like 100 percent, all-the-time attention.

Here are some of the special animal days:

  • Jan. 21, Squirrel Appreciation Day (Go Squirrels!)
  • Jan. 22, Walking the Dog Day
  • April 11, National Pet Day
  • June 20, Take You Dog to Work Day
  • July 11, All-American Pet Photo Day
  • Aug. 16, Homeless Animals Day (We all need a loving home!)
  • Aug. 26, National Dog Day
  • Oct. 29, National Cat Day (Hey, I like cats, too.)
  • Nov. 17, Black Cat Day

My absolute favorite day is:

  • Feb. 20, Love Your Pet Day

I could do without this day:

  • Jan. 14, Dress Up Your Pet Day

A Dog’s Favorite Objects (in photos)

In A Dog's Toys, Dog Stuff, Dog Treats on July 5, 2015 at 11:30 am

My favorite objects are my teddy bears, toys and treats.

Here is a collection of photos of me with my favorite things.

Here I am with one of my favorite teddy bears, Brown Dog.

Here I am with one of my favorite teddy bears, Brown Dog.

Can you find me among all my toys?

Can you find me among all my toys?

Here I am with all my stuff packed up for a weekend trip. I know, I know, I have lots of toys (and treats!).

Here I am with all my stuff packed up for a weekend trip. I know, I know, I have lots of toys (and treats!).

(See what my writing partner Shelley says about writing about objects in her blog, shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com in her post https://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/?p=998&preview=true&preview_id=998)

Loving your pet releases endorphins

In All About Me, Cute Dogs, Loving Your Dog on May 31, 2015 at 11:30 am

I'm getting love from my BFF Shelley's dad. Don't I look happy and cute?

I’m getting love from my BFF Shelley’s dad. Don’t I look happy and cute?

Just so you know, more than half of American households have a pet, and in 2014, pet owners spent $58 billion on us.

I would like my BFF Shelley to spend more than a few hundred on me. And I would like more attention from her and everyone else I encounter, because I’m an attention hound. In fact, I’m a very cute miniature dachshund that seeks attention, love and pets from anyone she encounters. I like the contact, my way of communicating through letting human hands touch my fur.

I’ve learned that pet owners report they’re happier and having a pet gives their life more meaning through the interactions they have with us. In fact, researchers found that people who frequently kiss their dogs have higher levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin.

Dogs make good friends and companions. We’re sensitive to human behavior, and like humans, we vocalize our emotions and react to the emotional nuances of human speech. I make a large yawning, whining noise when I feel left out and want attention. I squeal when I know I’m about to feel human hands on my back. And I yip if I want people to come to me now.

In other words, I use my voice and my wiggly body scooting closer in to let people know that I need that social interaction bred into me.

Dog Journaler’s Advice for Journaling

In Dog Journaler, Dog Writer, Journaling on May 17, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am freeplaying before I do some freewriting in my dog journal.

I am freeplaying before I do some freewriting in my dog journal.

As a very cute dachshund, I have a lot to write about and reflect upon.

I, in particular, like to write about how everyone loves me. To do this, I keep a journal to write about a few important things, including, well, of course, how cute I am.

Here are a few ideas for keeping a journal (whether or not you are a dog or love dogs).

  • Freewriting: I like to write about myself, other dogs and cats, plus beautiful nature and the types of treats I like.
  • Daily diary writing: Mine would be I woke up, I hid under the bed while my BFF Shelley went to work, so I could pout, and I eagerly awaited her return home, so we could go on a walk, play and hang out together.
  • Collecting sketches and images: I would suggest of dogs, especially dachshunds, and cats.
  • Notes: I would suggest writing about me and my cuteness factor.
  • Ideas: I would suggest collecting ideas about how to spoil your dog (or cat).
  • Writing exercises: This is for those writer-ly types.

Where the Dogs Like to Hang

In Dog Spots, Where Dogs Hang Out on March 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

I like to hang out on the bed next to my teddy bears.

I like to hang out on the bed next to my teddy bears.

I have several spots where I like to hang out to find comfort or to get away when I’m not getting my way.

My favorite place is on people’s laps, because I love attention and that physical contact that lets me know I’m a loved (and very cute) long-haired miniature dachshund.

My name’s Zoey, but you can call me Princess. Or Honey. Or Darling. Or Sweetie.

Second to laps, I like to be on the bed, resting, napping and sleeping.

I like to be outside getting exercise, running and, if I must, walking, even if I’m attached to a leash. On these walks, I have my favorite potty spots, and if it’s cold, I turn right around and head back to the door. I don’t need to be outside, getting my paws all wet and cold.

In the back yard where I get to run, I like to bark at the birds, letting them become aware of my presence, and I like to sit in the sunshine, blinking into the light.

I like the patio where I also can run and make patterns in the snow, or if it’s warm, it’s a place to sniff around and identify the grill smells. I like to explore and stop and run, and then scratch at the door, saying, “I’m done. Let me in now!”

If I’m not having the best of times, or if I’m not getting my way or need some alone time, I like to go under the bed. I’ll put my snout on my paws, usually pulling a pouty expression. I’m trying to let people know I’m upset and something needs to change. That change should be coordinated with the issuing of treats as an apology and an “I love you,” so here you go.

I also like to be in the private apartment gym on a blanket on the mat where I get my treat.

I am motivated by treats.

And love.

And my favorite spots.

Dog Blogger’s Year in Review

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on December 28, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey the Dashchund is cute even when she sleeps.

Zoey the Dashchund is cute even when she sleeps.

There is no end to my cuteness and, as the cutest dachshund ever, I had a lot of stories and photos to share over this past year.

As 2014 draws to a close—the year I turned six on Dec. 20, by the way—I figured it’s time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished as a dog blogger and canine poet

First off, I proved that I am the CEO of Cuteness, the cutest dachshund worldwide and the cutest, prettiest, darling-est dog ever.

I made sure that dog owners realized the importance of loving their pets, paying attention to them (like all of the time) and giving them lots of treats. I explained the elements of responsible pet ownership, while telling really interesting stories from my own life. And I shared a few of the poems I wrote as a talented canine poet (who needs opposable thumbs to type?).

I also wrote about cats, but not too much because I’ve been noticing that they’re not that friendly (at least to me). I’m a very nice, equal opportunity dog who wants to be friends with dogs my size or smaller (not big dogs—too scary!), cats, birds, geese and anything else in the animal kingdom. I just want to be all inclusive.

Anyway, in 2015, I’ll blog about the dog life, my life and how best to love on and treat dogs like us (and cats, too).

Dogs and the Holidays

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on December 14, 2014 at 11:30 am

I am anticipating getting lots of Christmas presents.

I am anticipating getting lots of Christmas presents.

I love the holidays because my BFF Shelley takes me out to the dog-friendly shopping malls. I get to be carried inside the store, where I can see all the sale items.

Being carried is advantageous when you’re a long-haired miniature dachshund with short legs.

What I see and smell is all low to the ground. I want the apex of vantage points to search out potential dog lovers, so that when they see me, they remark on my cuteness and want to pet me.

I want to be able to see everything from the human eye level to the ground, instead of relying on my sense of smell and knowledge of feet and shoes. That’s because my two aims in life are finding, eating and getting food (a top priority) and, second, getting attention. Attention results in petting sessions, playtime and cuddles.

Attention also reminds me that I’m cute and as the cutest dachshund this side of the Mississippi, I need the occasional reminder. That way I never doubt my state of cuteness and remain confident at all times. I think we all need to hear positive feedback, whether we’re human or a dog or a cat. (Yep, I like cats because they’re my size and potential friends – sometimes; I just don’t get why some cats don’t like dogs and get all hissy about it.)

Top 12 Tips for Loving Your Dog

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on December 7, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey the Cute Dachshund wants you to love her (and give her treats).

Zoey the Cute Dachshund wants you to love her (and give her treats).

I deserve treats. I deserve to be carried on walks if I don’t want to get my feet cold or am a bit peeked. And I deserve to get presents for my birthday, Christmas and any dog-related holidays. (My birthday is in 13 days on Dec. 20, when I will turn 6.)

In other words, I deserve to be loved, admired, cared for and pampered.

Here are my suggestions for expressing puppy love:

  • Kiss me in the morning.
  • Let me kiss you back with doggie licks.
  • Give me treats whenever you leave.
  • Kiss me before you leave.
  • Don’t leave me for too long.
  • If you have to leave me for more than eight hours, send me to Doggie Day Camp.
  • Quickly come back and let me know that you missed me. I certainly let you know that I missed you with my tail wags and exposed belly.
  • Make sure my blanket is set up on our bed, so that I can have extra softness for sleeping.
  • Take me on walks, but carry me when I’m tired (see above).
  • Love me all the time.
  • Tell me how cute I am, or did I already say that?

I don’t have a 12th one, so just continue loving me, unconditional and constant. Or how about keep me as your screensaver on your phone, computer and any other electronic device? Keep pictures of me wherever possible to be a reminder that you love, love me.

Doggie Playtime

In Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on November 30, 2014 at 11:30 am

Zoey's got her toys to play with.

Zoey’s got her toys to play with.

As a very cute miniature dachshund, I need to explain a little about the importance of playtime.

Dogs need to play to learn, exercise, maintain health and experience the world around them. Genetically predisposed to be flexible and adaptable, they like novelty in their play. New toys and variety in games help stimulate their brains and keep them mentally active.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to force themselves to exercise, which for us is play. We naturally run, which is one of our favorite things to do and we don’t need any motivation to do so. We run from scent to scent if you let us off leash in a dog park or backyard, or even on our walks.

In the wild, we have to be good runners to chase our prey or to avoid being such. Running hasn’t been bred out of us through domestication, so that’s why a daily walk isn’t enough.

Exercise and play allow us to expend our pent-up energy, while also relieving stress and providing a mental break, just as it does for humans. It helps keep us healthy, agile and limber and makes us sleepy by bedtime, instead of restless. I’ve read that dogs that don’t get regular exercise will chew, dig and act destructively to seek attention (not that I’ve ever done that, not at all).

Some good games to get us to run include playing fetch, find it, hide-and-seek, and keep away, a game where we dodge away from you as we hold a toy (or sock, which I like) in our mouths.

Mental exercises also burn off energy, such as food puzzle toys, agility courses, obedience and trick training, and chew toys.

I’ve read that we need 20 to 30 minutes of running every day as a minimum. Note that I need all hours that I am awake to be told that I’m cute. Thank you.