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A dog’s Christmas wish list

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Look at me go during Christmas 2015. I have lots of presents!

I am a very cute dog interested in presents.

My birthday is on Dec. 20, and Christmas is on Dec. 25, which means I should get lots and lots of presents.

I get to open my own presents, which are wrapped with pretty ribbons.

My BFF Shelley usually takes a video of me, remarking how cute I am as I rip and rip to get to my prize. I unwrap present after present like a machine, wanting to find out what’s inside. I always get one of my treats right then and there, but I can’t rip the hard plastic, so Shelley does it for me. And then she hands it over, and I enter dog heaven, ignoring everyone else as they open their presents.

Anyway, here’s my cute dog’s Christmas wish list:

  • Treats.
  • Rawhide.
  • Treats.
  • Toys, like balls and things to tug.
  • Treats.
  • Stuffed dog bears.
  • Treats.

As for treats, I like hamburger, carrots, apples and green beans from the table. I like bone marrow treats, milk bones and those green teeth brushing things, but I don’t like my teeth getting clean.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I certainly will as I get all of my presents.

ZoeyChristmas 2013-1

I am opening the rest of my presents during Christmas 2015.

A Puppy’s Christmas Wish List

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Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

I turned three on December 20, five days before Christmas.

Shelley, my pet parent, threw a birthday party for me at her favorite coffee shop, the Mandolin Café. She made a cake, and I got to eat some, plus get toys and treats.

But really, it’s not enough.

Christmas is coming up, and as a very cute dachshund, I should get presents.


This is what I want for Christmas:

* More toys, like big stuffed animals that are larger than me.

I have a few, including Duckie, Big Dog, Doggie and a new unnamed bear that was supposed to be for Christmas, but I claimed it by ripping off the tag and running off with it for some play time.

But I could use more friends to add to my lair.

* More balls, though I have small, medium and tennis-ball size balls already.

* Treats, particularly Pupperoni, anything with chicken or steak and rawhide.

* Love, lots of it.

And attention.

And people telling me I’m cute.
And getting pets.

And, and …

I’ll stop now, a dog can’t be too greedy, given that there are other dogs on the planet who have needs, too.


Yeah, I guess so.

Merry Christmas!!!