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Dogs hanging out at the coffee shop

In Coffee Shops, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on July 26, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am cute waiting for attention at a coffee shop.

I am cute waiting for attention at a coffee shop.

I love going to the coffee shop, not that I drink coffee or engage in conversation but because it’s a place and a way for me to get attention.

My name is Zoey, and I am a very cute long-haired miniature dachshund.

I have methods for getting attention, including looking cute (that’s a given). I stare at the people walking by, straining forward on my front paws and lifting my chin with my tail wiggling. “Look at me, aren’t I cute?” I stare and wink and keep staring. Sometimes it works, and people come back, saying, “I know she wants me to pet her.”
Well, duh.

I get petted and told I’m cute, pretty and beautiful and lots of other adjectives about my sable-colored coat and brown eyes—I’ve even been told I have a dainty, feminine face and am very regal in my stance. Yep, I’m Queen Bee of the Dachshund World.

When my petter moves on, I seek out the next one. I’m a profiler on the stakeout for my next lover of dogs who needs to stop and give me some genuine fur-rubbing.

As my BFF Shelley works on her laptop, I am the epitome of a lapdog seeking attention anywhere and everywhere I can get it. She’s addicted to caffeine, and I’m addicted to getting petted, loved, appreciated, acknowledged and having attention poured on me, like sugar, so sweet on a hot summer day.

It’s a dog’s life, this sitting around relaxing at the coffee shop.


A Dog’s Goals for 2013

In 52: A Dog's Life and Tales, Dog Tales, Shelley Widhalm on January 6, 2013 at 11:30 am

Zoey the Cute Dachshund is quite proud of her memoir.

Hello again, my friends.

I’m off to another year of blogging as the CEO of cuteness and the cutest, prettiest and most fascinating dog in the world.

My name is Zoey Suzanne Widhalm. I am four years old. I weigh 10 pounds. And I’m a sable-colored, long-haired miniature dachshund.

But don’t take the word “miniature” too seriously, because there isn’t anything small about me. I’ve got a big personality, and I am a no. 10 in the looks department.

My friend, Tim, a very tall human that loves me for being cute, had a really good idea and I’ve snapped it up like a mouth-watering treat.

His idea is to write 52 imaginary stories with me as the main character, such as “Zoey Rides Again,” a western where I tame a wild Texas town, or “India Zoey and the Temple of Dog Food,” where I, the Intrepid Barkeologist, travel to Tibet to find the LostTemple of the Dog King.

I like the first idea, but as for the second, I haven’t even seen “India Jones and the Temple   of Doom,” because as a dog, I can’t focus for two hours. So, that means movies are out.

Here are my plans for 2013: I’m going to take a few stories and improve upon them by adding myself into the plot, plus I will make up some stories and write some paws poems.

I’m going to use Tim’s story idea about the cutest dachshund in creation running a newspaper, something I know a lot about as a dog-tern at the newspaper when my BFF Shelley works. I dog-tern on some Saturdays when only a few people are there, working on what should be the weekend!

Next week when I blog, I think I’ll start off with Shelley’s favorite children’s book, “The Poky Little Puppy,” printed as one of the Little Golden Books. But I’m not poky or little. In fact, I’m fast, smart and blessed with a big bark.

My blog will be called: 52: A Dog’s Life and Tales.