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A Not so Materialistic Dog

In All About Me, Being Cute, Shelley Widhalm, What's important on March 31, 2013 at 11:30 am

Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

I am a materialistic (but very cute) dog with lots of things – toys, stuffed animals, chews and balls.

But like people, I have outgrown some of them, got bored with others and keep wanting something shiny and new.

When I was a puppy, I had small toys, such as stuffed bears two inches long, plastic chewy things and tug ropes.

I grew, so the small stuff failed to challenge me. I began to desire bears larger than me and balls I could barely grab in my mouth. Once I conquered these (by shaking the bears and chasing and stopping the balls mid-bounce), I wanted something different, bigger and better.

A few of my toys I still adored and wanted for playing when I was in my play mood. One of them is a big white bear holding a pumpkin in its paws, a hedgehog with two different squeakers, a hedgehog with a tennis ball for the body, and a stuffed pink bone that makes for a handy pillow.

However, I noticed that some of my toys disappeared – they got old, torn, smell or I just didn’t play with them. And some stayed around despite their age, because without them, I would be distraught. Think white bear, my always-there best friend.

Every night I have to paw him, sliding my front limbs back and forth as if milking from my mama. It’s my version of zen. It’s how I relax and let go.

These things have importance, but do I really need them? Probably not. They’re just toys, not real life. Life is what I have every day.