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Golden Dog Books, Book 4

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Zoey uses her laptop to write another children's/puppy story.

Zoey uses her laptop to write anothyer children’s/puppy story.

Zoey White and the Seven Little Dogs (Zoey’s Version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”)

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a lovely maiden sat by the window, sewing. As she worked, she thought, “If only I had a puppy, I would be so, so happy.” She got her wish when a dachshund puppy named Zoey entered her life.

But unfortunately, the maiden died.

The puppy got a new owner, an ugly, crooked lady who kept asking her mirrors to make her the fairest of them all. Meanwhile, the puppy grew into an adorable, beautiful creature with black-tipped ears and a long, fluffy tail. Everyone loved her, well, except for the crooked lady.

The lady took away the puppy’s leash and clothes and put her to work, not allowing her to go on walks or see the outdoors. The puppy wished for a handsome prince, but the lady wanted her to be very ugly, so that nobody could love her.
Not liking the competition, the lady sent the puppy into the woods. The puppy found a sweet little, tiny little doghouse and fell asleep on seven tiny beds.
The seven little dogs who slept in those very beds, smaller even than Zoey, came home singing about hi-ho, hi-ho stuff.

Zoey saw them and cried, “I know who you are” (having seen their names on their tiny little bed frames) “Zippy and Zappy and Pretty and Pappy, and Play, Jay and Fay. Hello, I’m Zoey of a beautiful Maiden.”

After telling the little dogs about the crooked lady, they guarded her and wouldn’t let her eat a poisoned dog treat. Alas, when Zoey’s love, a handsome dog prince named Zach, came into her life, the little dogs served as groomsmen and bridesmaids.

And so, Zoey and Zach lived happily ever after. They had puppies they named after the seven little dogs, minus one.

Zippy, Zappy, Pretty, Pappy, Fay and Play Jay, these are the names of the new loves of their lives.

How nice!